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  1. In reference to the whole copyright thing... yeah fuck that. I paid for the tattoo, endured the pain, and unless I pay for removal, it will never go away. I paid the artist money either to put flash on me or design me something unique. Either way, once I pay for it and it's applied, it is mine. No one will ever own rights to anything on my body, even if they're the one who put it there. Do cosmetic surgeons copyright an exceptionally well done boob job? If so, does that mean they have rights to whom the patient shows the boob job to, especially with those in the sex industry with boob jobs who are on film and print? Does an artist who sells you a painting have any right to the proceeds of the painting if you wish to sell it to someone else after a few years?

    We should give artists the credit they're due, but the whole copyright thing seems like the most egotistical clusterfuck I've ever heard. Definitely raises questions about body autonomy.

  2. I know I've been missing here for the last few months.... between discovering reddit (btw r/tattoos is a clusterfuck) and the drawn out end of a bad relationship, I guess I have avoided it here. Kept in touch with a few on IG but it's not the same. Just wanted to say that I am alive

  3. no piercings for me. Other than a single hole in my lobe, I have none. I got my cartilage done last year, but I nearly threw up and the room spun when it was pierced. I'd rather get tattooed any day of the week. Plus, within a month I had to take it out because of the pus, my body fought it. If I ever got another ear piercing, I would want to go to the very best place instead of the shitty ghetto tattoo parlor I went to because the other place was closed.

  4. I came across a place that does pretty twee flash when I was looking for someone to do my upcoming koi piece.






    its like the 90's threw up in this post. These are the kinds of tattoos I first saw as a kid and didn't realize tattoos could be different until I moved to CA and turned like 15 and saw decent tattoos

  5. @Zillah, I'll bring this back to topic.

    When I got my flapper on my chest, the tattoo artist basically had to touch right above/ on my breast (not like fondling but just had to stretch out the skin on my chest, etc.) and while it was mildly uncomfortable for me, it was nothing compared to what happened to you. The only acknowledgement that it might even be a bit awkward was his sorry as he first touched me. Nothing too serious but I was 19 and a bit shy.

    Now as for the silence as consent... highly disagree with that statement. Even the examples with Rosa Parks and MLK are WTF moments. Silence is never consent, never acceptance. Silence is taught, is a self preservation technique when there is a threat to speaking out. I was silent, when I was teased/bullied by girls who I knew could beat my ass if I said what I really thought about them. I was silent when I knew I would get slapped by my parents if I said what I wanted to. I was silent as groups of men talked horrible things about the way I look and what I should do sexually because I am so ugly to them and therefore desperate.

    I only ever speak out when I know that I cannot bear it anymore, when I am willing to take the risk of bodily or psychological harm, or when I know I have a fighting chance. Silence does not mean I consent to my treatment, it means I am too afraid of the consequences to speak up.

    and that's why deadspot missed the point.

  6. Maybe you should consider the fact that your tattoos have significantly enhanced your appearance and made you both physically much more interesting people who are judging based on looks. I don't think I or anyone has ever said that only runway models can get tattoos. Like Trixie et al believe. As Tesseracts nicely noted there was an assumption going on. This assumption of who I deem or don't deem should have more or less tattoos is something that people attacked because they constantly look for a fight in regards for anything that doesn't fit their kumbaya world. At least I am glad to see some people get it.

    Let me give you an example to help clarify my previous statements for those like Trixie that still believe I only think hot people should have tattoos or something crazy like that. Personally, I am not a GQ model. I am very thin and non-muscular. If I was to elect to get a 4 inch thick barbed wire tattoo around my bicept and then another around my other and then maybe two more to my calves I would view this as someone who has too many tattoos of a certain type based on my body type. I think it would look silly and I think others would feel the same. I elect for thinner more linear styles based on my frame. I have seen monster size tattoos on guys with huge muscular backs that look amazing, yet I know that would be a step too far for me. Get it? Now when you substitute female for male you can see the same rationale, but of course the Trixies will come out swinging because they feel war on women has come to fruition because we acknowledged that women have physical characteristics that vary among each other. What a joke. Like I said, way over sensitive and yes, too PC does fit in this dialogue.

    Tip of the hat to those that got that and didn't feed the madness and by into the nonsense that people like Trixie like to create based on their conclusions and not fact.

    straight up... fuck off. sorry but like really? no one gives one fuck, especially on this forum, about your sexist ideas of women and tattoos. they are for those who want them, where ever they want them, and in the styles they want. No gender or race or body type should stop that. You're obviously a troll trying to stir the pot. Either that or a sexist douche.

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