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  1. Kevbazz its Hank Williams III and it's called With the Ship. - - - Updated - - - After two years I finally finished my dragon back piece with Matt Arriola. - - - Updated - - - http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/member/14867-my-back-piece.html&imageuser=3620
  2. This was done over a 2 plus year period by Matt Arriola
  3. thanks for posting; I can't believe I missed this.
  4. TAM just posted the first of many of the interviews I did at the Austin Convention last week . Check out my interview with Ishmael Johnson. Luke
  5. awesome as always @StewartRobson !I'd be happy to help in any other capacity except typing. As someone that has their palms tattooed along with most of every body part, I can tell you that the palm is by far the worst place to get tattooed. I've seen a ton of people get their palms tattooed and most react like Peck and not like Hooper.
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that I did a series of short interviews for Tattoo Artist Magazine. They've posted 11 of them so far. Here's the latest with Chriss Dettmer from Black Hole in Hamburg Germany. Chriss Dettmer London Tattoo Convention Interview for Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO) « TAM Blog Luke
  7. It's Mark Ronson doing a Radiohead cover. - - - Updated - - - The tattoo artist is Travis Berg from Ink Vision in Boise, ID. Here's him doing my first palm tattoo 3 years ago.
  8. thanks gouge , glad you liked them. Here's me getting my palm touched up.
  9. I've been tattooed on the butt, both sides of the knee , the chest, but the worst by far is the palm. Not even a contest. Don't believe me here is one of the toughest guys I've ever seen get tattooed, just anguishing in pain.
  10. I have my ass tattooed and it was awfully painful, but not as bad as the palm of hand or the back of knee (I have both of each done).
  11. Took me a minute to think about it: Darcy Nutt (1st) Virginia Elwood Erik Payne Travis Berg Matt Ariolla Mike Weinzs Stacy Jascott Tony Hundall Oliver Peck Jojo Ackerman Steve Byrne Grant Cobb Kendal Vader Andrew Pontius Emily Nelson Ryan Rogers Bart Bingham probably missing a couple of people and a number of non-tattooer friends for fun.
  12. Real nice Avery like the back piece. I saw it coming together from Matt's Facebook posts. Can't wait to be done myself. - - - Updated - - - Here's a video of back piece that my friend Darcy Nutt did on another friend of mine Graham.
  13. I am about 60% there , getting more next month from him.
  14. here's him doing one of those spiders on my friend Gil.
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