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  1. Yeah, I tend to email, text and post with less regard for proper rules of writing...I'm commonly just trying to send a message, or just get some point across. But, I noticed you did write,"easier" and I never really thought about it like that, especially writing longer stories or explanations that I really want to get across, like this thread for instance. Thanks. I may edit my posts here,(I think I can) but they're usually such run-on thoughts, that I may find it hard to find appropriate paragraph breaks. Admittedly, I haven't had a PC or a laptop for so long, just relying on a smart ph
  2. Hey Ya'll, I realize I've only had the "BIG G" up for sale for 1 day, but I'm really impressed with the amount of "views" that the post has gotten, thank you all very much. So, in the spirit of motivation to maybe start getting some offers, 'm gonna change my stance on something... I didn't want to explain why I want to sell it, because I've already gotten a little crap for selling a coveted item, and seeming like I was "pimping it" to a local artist. But, the primary reason is one I think you can all appreciate as fellow artisans.....after 20+ years tattooing for a living, I'm getting
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the compliments, as the piece is only started...but for those of us that are true Dogma fans, and may have even had the Buddy Christ figure (mine was the dashboard mounted edition) You may have one day thought,"man I wish i would get to do a Buddy Christ tattoo...I know I did. So I consider myself blessed to be able to do a full back piece of him...I'm havin a shit ton of fun workin on it!
  4. I absolutely respect your opinion on the resolution of said "pain in the ass".... But my reputation rests on many laurels, one being my promise to edit and edit till I get it right, which I define as exactly what the client wants. And ya know, it doesn't happen so often that I wanna blow my head off, and the oodles of dedicated familiar clientele that just let me run with an idea, to the point that they'll love my first draft even if I'm not yet satisfied, far outweighs those "hard to please" experiences. I just felt like posting the feelings 'cause they're more than frustrating...,they can
  5. Yes, this is an original Aaron Cain/GRIME Big"G" #108, purchased from Grime personally just before the turn of the century, HaHa. I started to get my sleeve/chest plate from Grime when he was on a huge guest tour, and we discussed the purchase of the machine during my appointment. I ordered and paid, then agreed to meet up at a convention for me to receive said machine. Of course I ran the machine, but at the time, I was REALLY INTO the machines I was using, and I've always been that way, so I never made any tattoos with this machine. This has been one of my modest amount of collectibles, rang
  6. As a writer, I enjoyed that Banksy banter, but...back to others posts regarding the recreation of pre-existing fine art. Not only do I look through books and mags, marveling at the paintings of others, wishing someone would commission me to recreate that piece, but I will sometimes get inspiration from those works for custom designs I create from scratch. People talk about copying, or "bytin'" others artwork, but most ideas have been done before, in one form or another. A positive perspective is using the brilliance of another's creation to inspire your work. You may even be paying homage to t
  7. Years ago, during the mid to later 90's, there was a regular who I would see at every convention I attended, and thats when I was going to as many as I could, whether just attending or working it. He looked like what a more "close minded" individual would call a "walking stereotype". This gentleman was Asian-American. He looked about middle age, and had a very common "parted" haircut. He wore short-sleeved bright patterned button -up shirts, with (often) a few cameras hung around his neck, and was just snapping away at anything and everything he found interesting to photograph.And most noticea
  8. It sounds like most of us have a common denominator....saran wrapping post tattooing, with the 1st variable being how long, and the second being what products to use once you take the 1st wrap off. I dont write this just from reading through the thread, but from many years in the business. So, with the respect I've built for my fellow artists over these years (20+), I now tell my clients this...,"While other artists might give you other aftercare advice, I would appreciate that you, the client, listen to my advice for healing my tattoo. My methods may work best for the way I apply a tattoo, as
  9. Most if not all of my newer clients are brought through word of mouth. Recently, I had a client who I have a language barrier with, but he does fully understand me. Well, during our consult for his custom design, I explained that the amount of detail he wants is too much for the size of the design. Well, he continues to ask me to make it smaller, and I continue to amend the detail. When we discuss each edit, which I labor over for free of course...AGAIN AND AGAIN, he gets frustrated, and speaks to me as if I'm, for lack of a better term..Dumb! Why is it that my 24 yrs of experience, and immens
  10. This is just the beginning... Of possibly my favorite back pieces ever completed. When this client came in asking for the design, i did have to ask if he was serious...for real, dead serious? Well, i drew the design seen here, and included those banners containing a quote from carlin when he addresses the city in the beginning of the movie. So this is my first picture posting, and again...just the beginning, and i will post more as the project does progress....
  11. I've read some of the most entertaining posts on this thread, but before I get too lost in reading nearly 15 pages..I must add this advice.... Believe strongly in the old adage, "Don't dip your pen in the company ink". Well, I once has a student of the tattoo arts, or, an "apprentice" who was a very beautiful female, who shortly began to make my very Male loins boil. Well, I soon found myself teaching, then dating, then living and sharing my life with my apprentice, whom I was still teaching ,for about 3 years. THIS WAS A MISTAKE!!!! Yes, things happen for a reason, and its hard to g
  12. I jumped in here after reading through the posts on this thread, to ask a question that may be rather obscure..... When I began making tattoos, I spent time in Philly in 1992 in love with a girl, and skateboarding. I knew of 3 fellows, all with the first name JOHN, all tattoo artists in those days, and began working out of a warehouse on N. 5th and Cecil B...... The most...uhhh...."prolific" of these gents, was a tattooist named John Tyler. One could not mistake this guy,a tall Caucasian with long dreadlocks, and the word "REAL" in black Olde English on his throat...which was very intense t
  13. I don't happen to know Nick personally, I was just entertained by this thread. But I"d like to point out how impressed I was by his commentary on Tattoo Reality Shows. Many tattooists have many things to say about the shows, but all these comments can be put into 2 very basic categories, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. Since tattoo reality shows debuted, most commentary Ive read by most artists has been overwhelmingly negative, to the point where I more often feel like shutting the critics down than the shows, because there have been many positive elements of tattooing brought to the public light by th
  14. Neato...someone quoted my first post here on LS; thank you very much. Well, as long as were on this subject, I'd like to share a couple of experiences that I feel are pretty interesting...they've become lore amongst the friends and artists I work around, so I hope you dig 'em too. FIRST- During my apprenticeship, in 1992, my mentor, Mr. G at The Ink Zone Tattoo in Lodi N.J. taught me an important lesson in the things I may do to my clients as a professional tattooist, and how they may feel.....with the educational variable of how they were "supposed" to feel. Both Mr.G and I did small to mode
  15. As a newbie here at LS, if I may put in my 2 cents...After one particular experience, I make sure I'm properly "prepared" to get tattooed these days (and it has been a while)but........ ........Years ago, I received a tattoo from Kevin Starai on my left pectoral (chest), and I found it to be one of the easier tattoos I had received. But, when I had an appt. at Hell City to have it finished, I had a HORRIBLE time! Being at the convention, I had been partying for a couple of days since I was just attending and not working. Well I was already feeling hung over and miserable, and hoped that getti
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