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  1. I found things can be hard to predict. I had no issues with ribs, including a 6 hour session (I did get pretty swollen though). With my back, the first session was terrible, I was wondering if I could do it, but my next sessions were all okay. No pattern. As far as coverups, my back has a huge one, including one part that is three layers now. I think the cover up was quite clever how it used the original tattoo and I love it. Yes, it's very black, but that is how I like my tattoos - heavy black. Over time, it will look - black, lol. The largest part of the cover up was 20 years old, and it looked fine, a bit faded, but no line blurring or such. I'm not quite sure what you mean by over time, because I've found, that my tattoos have not changed as much as people worry about.
  2. A few kimonos with hagoromo (the wing mantle, without the angel who wears it) Dramatic Hagoromo Motif kabuki Uchikake kimono edo (item #1162064, detailed views) Uchikake #118643 Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya Hagoromo -Conversations with John Marshall
  3. I live in a hot climate and have a lot of tattoos, so they are going to show. I do have a couple of strapless maxi dresses that I like to wear, because I love how my shoulder caps look and to see all of my arms and back connected, because usually they are broken up by my more standard clothes. I am not looking for attention, or comments or questions. A few weeks ago, I had a man catch my eye while I was trapped in a grocery lineup and I thought "oh no"; a gentleman, perhaps in his early sixties, strode up to me. He leaned towards me and quietly and confidently said "Your tattoos are unique and beautiful, you are a picture of elegance" and walked away. I think this is the kindest and unexpected thing a stranger has ever said to me.
  4. I love it. I think that is a tennyo - kind of like an angel in Japanese Buddhism. The feathers are hagoromo, which is a celestial mantle.
  5. I think there is a thread about tattoos and moles, cellulite, scars, skin tags etc. I don't there there is a human out there with a mole or freckle - you do not need to be ashamed. I have had a dysplastic nevis removed long ago, which left a scar. My tattooer tattoos around moles and such. I have also had broken capillaries on my thigh tattooed over - yay!
  6. Huh. I have bigger boobs, and if I dare analyze them in the mirror, I suspect the left one is a tad bigger. This will not stop me from the under bust tattoo, even considering future sagging. I'm kind of surprised about the concern over drooping, the natural condition of the human body being asymmetrical and the inevitability of aging. I wonder if guys think about their chest pieces and maybe one day getting man boobs that could warp it out (my guess is unlikely). I do think proportion is important, because my girls are bigger, so I'm not going to get a dainty little piece tucked under there. Regarding chest pieces, I've given that one a lot of thought, because I don't want a tiny little "v" there. I also want it connected to my underboob piece. I really like the chest pieces Guy Le Tattooer does on women - they are large and bold (I included an example of his). I like how some of the tattoo goes on to the boob. I've also seen women who have two large flowers, which I think looks beautiful (the example I included is by Thomas Cardiff).
  7. I love this placement (and I love the tattoo). In the future I'm planning something similar, but also including chest. I'm not worried the tattoo and my eventual saggy boobs - it's not like I'm going to be streaking about naked in public when I'm 80 (although things could change).
  8. For a session like that I wear wide waistband "yoga" pants/shorts and a stretchy tank top. One time the tattoo was low enough that everything got in the way, so I only wore one of their disposable blue med sheet things as a sarong and my tank top. I stuck with dresses after and my normal knickers.
  9. Finished my minogame, Gemma Pariente - Full Circle Tattoo.
  10. You are worrying too much - tattoos can be transformative how we feel about our bodies. I love the tattoo in the photo and how it doesn't cut off at the ankle. Guy le Tatooer does beautiful feet (okay, he does beautiful everything) http://guyletatooer.com
  11. Sorry Beez, what he said must of been a harsh slap in the face - I think his words go even beyond body shaming, it's also getting older shaming - like you need to be perfectly preserved at 25, forever. Wow. I think this maybe be the type of person you don't want to spend your time/energy with as much. I'm so sorry. Even if he tries to backtrack - what has been said cannot be unsaid. I find it strange that he has never mentioned any of his feeling about tattoos throughout your relationship. This was a really shitty way to treat someone. There are people out there who are of good heart and sound mind that won't let such things as tattoos and the inevitability of aging distract them from enjoying life and love.
  12. I have little shoulder caps too, (which may be one of my favorite parts) and both of my sleeves end organically. I didn't want any abrupt lines where tattoos begin or end. It's about what appeals to you as feminine.
  13. Beautiful lady arms! Here's mine, along with some unasked for lady back and butt (in progress). All of mine are done by the same tattooer, Gemma Pariente at Full Circle. I don't think sleeves are masculine on a woman, get what you wish, epic tattoos are for everyone.
  14. Too feminine? Quotes are the fad tattoo of the moment - "So it goes" is in the same realm of "let it be", "believe", "not all those who wander are lost" and so on genre. I think it's more of an age/generation thing (18-24) rather than gender specific. Always very personally meaningful. I have a suspicion (from experience, but with early 90's popular tribal) when you are all in your 40's you will be snickering (and somewhat embarrassed) at yours and your buddies meaningful quote tattoos. Graeme gave great advice using strong image instead of quote. Or like Mike said if you must have the quote, still use a strong image. At least read the Slaughterhouse Five before you get a quote tattoo that is lifted from it ……….
  15. Very interesting with beautiful photos - thanks for posting.
  16. Cringing for Graeme - I can't believe people would pick lining over shading! This is full back lining we're talking about; it's in a special category of mind blowing.
  17. I have a hawk, but no eagle. Yes to women with eagles!
  18. SeeSea, great response! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but when I got my first tattoo (in 1991), I remember the tattooer telling me afterwards that he thought women shouldn't get their arms tattooed. Times have changed.
  19. I feel for you. My mom didn't like my tattoos at first (20 years ago). She wasn't as overt as your mom, but her quiet disapproval was like thunder to me. Every once and a while we talked about it, but she associated tattoos with my father, who was a big a$$. Even though she is a reasonable woman she admitted it was challenging for her. I kept doing my thing and about 4 years ago she came right around and is very supportive. So yeah, time and patience. I really like the suggestion of writing a letter to your mom. She might be projecting her own fears on to you; it's more about her than you. She may never like them, but perhaps in time, she can get to a place where she doesn't get so emotional about them that it affects your relationship. Don't let her feelings stop you - you are your own person and need to keep being true to yourself.
  20. I didn't go strapless for the duration of the healing of my shoulder caps; just a few days, I think it healed pretty fast! A strapless bra that works for me is the Wacoal Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless (854119). It comes with removable straps. I've never worn it under anything but strapless dresses, but it functions well.
  21. I thought this was pretty interesting - its a Hikeshi Hanten, or a fireman's jacket, the inside. October | 2014 | Daily Japanese Textile
  22. I am disappointed to see the barbie comment. I think this is a big reason why I don't post pictures of myself here - lame comments. Sad really, because most of the people here are super cool and thoughtful. I too (I saw this is a different thread) think it would be great to see women with tattoos who are not doing the sexy lion pose in a g-string or have to deal with the "show us your tits" mentality. Maybe one day there could be a "locked" area only certain, proven people could see, aways from all the public and trolly stuff.
  23. I have nearly 100hours and have never taken anything, but some ibuprofen to help with swelling. I suck it up and take it. I was pretty amazed to read that someone would need an opiate to make it through a 1.5 hour session, but I guess it's not my business. For me having a good session is where I have a clear mind and I can focus on nothing but sitting well. It takes a lot of focus. It's actually one of the rare times when I don't have random stupid thoughts floating through my head because all my energy is going into the "sit". A good sleep and a healthy solid meal before hand never hurts.
  24. Pete Vaca at Full Circle! Tattoos & Art Undefined by Pete Vaca Instagram For other ideas, there is a SD thread. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/3588-san-diego-tattoo-artists-tattoo-shops.html
  25. I understand what you are saying. I suggested John specifically because he works at Saved with Anderson - I considered it "keeping it in the family" :-) . I swear I've seen a compilation or two between artists at Saved (and other shops too). A Yoni back piece is enviable!
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