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  1. I haven't been around the forum for a long time. My computer went all haywire on me. Also, I had not got a tattoo in a really long time, until yesterday. And so naturally, I wanted to put it here to see what everyone thinks... :) I got this Ed inspired Tex Avery wolf/Panther/water mix up from Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages in Austin. Photo stolen from his Instagram.
  2. Grado makes great headphones. I have a pair of the SR225's myself.
  3. I don't think that I saw his name within this thread, and that didn't make sense to me. Ryan Cooper Thompson, from right here in Kansas City, does great work. He's a great guy who makes really rad tattoos. I'm fortunate enough to have a Zeis shark on my leg and a Pharaoh's Horses on my kneecap from him. https://www.facebook.com/ryancooperthompson?fref=ts
  4. I don't have enough electronic knowledge to repair stuff, but I do love vintage gear. Mostly because it's cheap, dependable, and sounds great. I've got a pioneer direct drive with an audio technia on it right now, but I'm usually an ortofon man. The turntable is hooked up to a denon receiver that pushes a pair of ADS speakers. I also own a great pair of Grado headphones. I did, however, sell 90% of my record collection to help pay for barber school. I only kept the stuff I knew I wouldn't find again.
  5. Loving this thread. Currently crushing on: Tomas Garcia Robert Ryan Mike Dorsey Bart Bingham Horikitsune Seth Wood
  6. I've probably read this thread four or five times through since I started lurking around here. I can't get enough panthers. I've been trying to get something from Richard for a while, but unfortunately, life keeps happening.
  7. That dragon was my favorite tattoo he posted from his trip. Great pieces!
  8. I think my favorite thing about this "school" of tattooing is that it seems to give tattooing back it's primal since of empowerment. I probably wouldn't wear this style, but to the people who do, the sacred geometry etc. seems to have a sort of primitive/ancient way of giving the wearer confidence and power. Maybe it's the way that the designs fit on the body in a similar way to tribal? I don't feel like this post adequately articulates what I'm trying to get at, but hopefully some of you guys know what I mean.
  9. Ahhhh shhhhiiittt! I really wasn't expecting this much gold to come out this little thread. @Stewart Robson Thanks for the advice. As a young person with little to do/keep track of, I find it hard sometimes to remember other people have lives with a lot of things to juggle etc. You're totally right about the Instagram thing too. I think a lot maybe people fail to see it as it is for most tattooers, a marketing tool,not some fun little place to share pictures of your shoes and such. @Jennifer Stell I hope you don't see this thread as a dig on you, or Richard. I know you guys are busy, and in fact you're right. I wasn't just referring to you guys. Mostly, I just wanted an experienced view on the essential information needed to convey serious intent. I know you guys are busy doing exciting things for yourselves and for tattooing as a whole. I'm pumped to continue corresponding with you. I look forward to meeting you and Richard, and I can't wait to have some Stell on my skin!
  10. Thanks everyone for giving such good advice. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a good amount saved up and then start approaching the tattooers? That way I can do things on short notice.
  11. The problem is that both of the tattooers I have in mind either don't currently have a shop, or travel a majority of the time. I didn't really think about asking people who have been tattooed by them how they went about it, that's a great idea. However, out of respect, I really don't want to name names. People, especially world-class tattooers, are busy. I'm not the only one emailing/trying to book with them, and they also have lives outside of work. It just seems like two months is a while to wait. I'm not in the position to just be able to book larger and/or more expensive tattoos with little notice. I'm poor.
  12. Over the last few months, I've been trying to get a hold of a few tattooers via email. The problem is that I have yet to get a response from anyone. I'm trying pretty hard to be patient, but in some cases it's been two months or more. Does anyone else have this issue? Long story short, I'm just looking for some advice. Maybe, I'm not emailing the wrong information or asking the wrong questions? What's the protocol?
  13. Well, I was excited to post my tattoo, but the stuff posted here already is some serious shit. Hopefully I can still hang with you big dogs... Proud to wear this piece from Josh Cruse, JP Cruse Professional Tattooing, Wichita, Kansas
  14. Mitch Wood

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    Josh Cruse, JP Cruse Professional Tattooing, Wichita, Kansas
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