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  1. Ja Ja Ja!!! Sounds like a job for "The Great Cornholio"!!
  2. I think you should get the spider webs because you like them, or even if they mean something to you, and to hell with preconceptions people may have.
  3. First I tell 'em It's only like falling down and skinning your knee or elbow...for a couple of hours!! Then I tell 'em if they don't stop whining, I'll start laughing at them...if that doesn't work, threatening them with Youtube usually works.
  4. Dragons are Very sexy on a woman. Just don.t put it on your forehead!
  5. Like a wise man once said to me; "Don't Trip".....
  6. Kevin did what he was asked to do, he did what he gets paid to do. I've done some Tattoos that I didn't agree with, but I gave it %100. nuff said
  7. splashing turtles
  8. Butterflies, Flowers and waves
  9. Gato Negro


    skull with vertabrae
  10. Gato Negro


    spider web
  11. Gato Negro


    heart and ribbon
  12. Gato Negro


    this is from a political cartoon from the time of Mexican Revolution....ay ay ay Viva la Revolución!!!
  13. Gato Negro


    El Gato Negro
  14. Gato Negro


    Medusa Mask...the mask is off of som Guy Atkinson flash and I drew the serpents
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