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    I'm an artist with two years experience being apprenticed at a professional tattoo studio. I have progressed quickly in my craft but still have many things to learn and am always doing so.
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    I do pyrography, and am guilty on the geek side of gaming.
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  1. Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio, in Celina Ohio, is looking for an experienced Artist. Street style busy studio in business for 5 years. Quality reputation and steady business. Requirements include a portfolio of your work and positive attitude. Egomaniacs need not apply.. If your interested and/or have any questions, Email us at brassknuckle13@gmail.com!
  2. Agreed. I'm curious on how the governor is going to go. By bullet or blade:eek:
  3. I predict Netflix's future to be flooded with "Netflix" tattoo photos that other people get. As well as other companies....could be bad.:eek::p
  4. I've smoked from 18-now 26, I tried that chantix combined with E-Cigarette, and was able to be smoke free for over five weeks until that one night at the local bar. alcohol combined with cigarettes has been proved to be my weakness for relapse. I plan on trying the method again soon, hopefully with more will when the occasional drink is poured.
  5. I'm seeing a lot good and bad points here. Apprenticeships is not only a vital learning stage under a good tattooer, meaning where you learn good habits instead of taking on bad, which is why a lot of good artists don't take on people who have attempted to self teach, or "scratch" out of the house and develop bad habits that's hard to break. But also apprenticeships help weed out those who won't put in the heart and sacrifice that's required of quality tattooists. Also on that note it helps to be friends, or known by their mentor, instead of being a stranger because they would be more convinced that a person isnt going to waste their time and take what they teach only to go scratch with it. So yes, as a young tattooer in the industry, apprenticeships, i feel, is vital to the continuation; progression, and keeping our history and respects alive in this grand industry of tattooing. And on a final note, with all the attention good tattooers get with tv and such, more people will understand the difference between quality and crap, and those nasty quality shops out there will become less and less and increase in being considered a "pop-up" studios. while more notable artist will take their place who had done right through an apprenticeship, or had enough natural ability to rise on their own. Which can happen too, but is still a long road to take over good apprenticeships.
  6. In my experience, the reason most have issues with the more abused areas of skin, like elbows and heels, is because the body sheds and regenerates thicker more "callused" skin to compensate for such abuse. So basicly your tattoo will age more rapidly under thicker regenerating skin, while at the same time disappear in the cracks and crevises in the callused skin. Also on that note, palms and soles regenerate skin more rapidly as well hence ink also will age and fade away more rapidly all the same. Thats in most cases however, I've seen people who had no issues and ink age just the same in those areas, as other parts of the body.
  7. lmao, inkmasters is ok. But I referred to people recieving a tattoo, whom i didnt know personally, as "canvases" long before inkmasters aired. Thus never really giving second thought about the connection between the two until you were so kind to point that out.....
  8. wow, not only is it the worst i have ever seen but it takes up his whole upper arm and its backwards! i have to feel pity for the canvas, because its so bad in so many different ways.