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    Tattoo collector, serious tattoo enthusiest Serious props to Kyle Crowell of Torch tattoo and many other traditional artists out there!
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  1. i enjoy Cris Cleens roses, folky and victorian or whatever you would call it.
  2. Got my ribs finished by Kyle Crowell a couple months ago, Picture is not that great and body is warped.
  3. man vargas is good!! wish she wasnt a 3 year wait :( - - - Updated - - -
  4. Hello everyone. My names Eric and i really love this blog and hope i contribute to it. I'm a 23 year old tattoo collector and enthusiast from Southern California. I spend as much time as i can in shops and conventions with quality traditional artists. I previously did interviews for the blog, Swallows n Daggers and posted for that blog. I met many great people doing that. I hope to go around the world and meet all the artists i look up to. Anyways, I have serious respect for those who have dedicated their lives to this craft. Cheers! -Eric
  5. Big nurse head by Sid, this one always sticks in my mind and then this Black and White piece by Valerie Vargas is one of my favorites ever
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