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    i love it. lining looks great.
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    Im a 44 year old male from the north of norway, not far from Narvik. i have been wonning to tattoo sins my early 20s, but haven't gotten to it before last year because of family and work. In my younger days i loved to draw, but that happen lesser and lesser. No i have invested some money into this, and i love it. a little studio has evolved in my basement, and people are given me thumbs up and are comming back for more. i have just done 60 or 70 tattoos sins i started, and i struggle some with lining, im a little shaky some times. i think its unusually work positions that creates the shake . i hope to meet some new friends here, and maby some of my tattoos can be posted here for comments. im old,and im late,but im here
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