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  1. Holy shit, I never knew this existed. Footage of me being tattooed by Dave Gibson. Ha!
  2. The names of people who will be guest spotting there is impressive. The shop is right off of Portobello Road; I spotted it being built when I was there a couple weeks ago. Grant Cobb told me about it in October. If anything, there will be some good work coming out of there. I don't expect any less from those names.
  3. This was great. Thanks for sharing! Oh and I was thinking more of a Red Fang song for the ending...
  4. I was wondering if it was you on here, haha!
  5. It was nice meeting you in London!
  6. Just a heads up: Tattoo City will be in full force again with Mary Joy and I tattooing all 3 days. Kahlil should be there one day as well, but unfortunately Jen Lee won't be able to attend. My father will be at the convention on Saturday and we will have more of his original art and prints for sale. Hardy Marks books also at the booth!
  7. Howdy- I guess I should finally get around to my introduction. My name is Doug Hardy. I tattoo at my father's shop, Tattoo City, in San Francisco. I was apprenticed under Michael 'Rollo' Malone at China Sea Tattoo in Honolulu from 1992-1996, then moved to Minneapolis where I worked at Northside Tattoo, The Ink Lab, Uptown Tattoo and finally The Aloha Monkey. After almost 12 years in the Frozen North, I moved back to my hometown to help run Tattoo City and be my father's right hand man after his retirement. I also help with Hardy Marks Publications and try to stay connected with other artists when I'm not wrangling my goddamned cats.
  8. Just a heads up for anyone going to the Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts coming at the end of the month: Bryn will be at the show and have some of her carvings for sale there.
  9. Hey Scott-

    Sorry, I hadn't logged in here in a while and didn't see your message until today. It would be awesome if you would review the Tattoo Travel Book! What can I do to help this along?

    Also, just go ahead and email me at doug@doughardy.com; I'm on and off boards like this.

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