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  1. Haha, I cant spell for shit. I always make customers write it down for me.
  2. Welcome, I am a newbie too. Your work has a nice feminine illustrative quality. Good stuff!
  3. Tattooed a guy one time that had stugglin' tattooed on his leg instead of struggilin". He and his buddies were joking about it the whole time I was working on him. So awesome how dude turned lemons into lemonade.
  4. I dont know whats more creepy, the eyes on that portrait, or that dudes 10 mile stare????
  5. I have heard alot of people say that they didnt have a hard time healing there lasered tattoos. Man, it was hard on me. I had massive blisters, like an inch tall, no kidding. I limped around for like three weeks. That was about three years ago and they still seem to be getting lighter. I am dragging my feet on doing it again.
  6. Just got my second knee-ditch done by Timmy Tatts. I dont think I will be getting tattooed again for a little while, that has to hands down be the hardest spot to heal. All the spots I have left are the sucky ones.
  7. That rock of ages is dope! Guest spotted with a guy who had his back done by Eddie, It was a massive skull in a waterfall all in black and grey. So many layers, it still blows my mind thinking about it!
  8. Congrats on your apprenticeship, work harder than the next guy and stay humble.
  9. Gangstarr-Moment of truth, best hip-hop album ever!!!
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