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  1. Hey, welcome. Nice tattoo. I just browsed through this, I just not a new tattoo on the top of my thigh, and notice that my clothing rubbing on it though out the day would cause similar pink/redness and slight warmth at the end of the day. (or at least that's when I noticed it). Just a thought.

    Mine doesn't happen always at the end of the day, it kind of happens randomly, hopefully it's just because of the clothes rubbing up on it too! it doesn't really get pink or red as much any more just hot. and Thanks!

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    Wow, I love that tattoo!

    Thanks mike!

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    Welcome, and nice work! Kurt ftw!

    Are you going to have to travel to get it finished, or is he coming back up?


    He should be coming back to new york around the holidays so I'll probably finish it up then!

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    oooooh I love it! :D I just got a jellyfish two days ago, nautical creatures for the win!

    Sweet! I love jellies they're so cool! Nautical creatures <3

  2. Welcome. Your tattoo looks just fine! Sometimes we all forget that we are healing something and worry that something might have gone wrong (not saying you are, I think we all have a tendency to from time to time). But that's a slick tattoo. Do we get to know the name of the artist?

    Yeahhh I know what you mean , I just need to not worry so much! Thanks! It was done by Kurt Fagerland.

  3. For two weeks out it looks pretty good. And so does the tattoo. Seriously, Everyone's body deals with tattoo's differently, so I wouldn't get too worried. Especially since you didn't use any gray wash! I've had work that was about completely healed in two weeks, and work that took over a month to completely heal.

    I'd suggest varying the type/amount of lotion you are using on it, if any. I had some problems healing a large piece on my ribs, and I think it was mostly due to some spots retaining the lotion, while others were rubbed dry. The one I'm healing now I am leaving completely dry...see what happens.

    Thanks, Usually I heal pretty fast and without any issues but I guess because this ones extra large and in a high motion area it's more sensitive. Yeah Thank god there was no gray wash...otherwise there would really be problems! It's just frustrating to go looking for answers on the internet when everything says it's an infection.

    I was using lubriderm but I think that wasn't working too well on it, so I switched to curel, which is kind of sticky but I guess it's keeping it hydrated.

    I usually leave my tattoo's on the drier side and they come out looking good.

    Let me know what happens with your dry healing!

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    That's a great looking tattoo!

    Thanks! :)

  4. So my tattoo is a little over two weeks old and has no other signs of infection , but it has a tendency to get really warm (sometimes pink along with the warmness but not always). I went to my usual artist's shop and they looked at it and said it looked like it was healing up fine (and it could be tender and healing internally since it's close to the knee), but what's going on?





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    Has anyone had a similar problem?

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    The sides and top don't really ever get red and seem to be fine , it's more of the top of my thigh and especially close to the knee.

  5. Well I got the entire side of my thigh tattooed (2 weeks ago today) and it wraps to the front and partially to the back, and it took way over a week to get the swelling down, i guess I just bruise easily. And then it would randomly get prickly heat and a little red.

    I've never had any of those issues with my tattoos before. :/

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    And thanks for the welcome!

  6. Hi You can call me ivysaur! I'm 22, an artist and a student and a tattoo lover.(obviously) I currently have 8 tattoos, and I'm dealing with a weak old finicky thigh tattoo currently. -___-

    I'm here to get advice, educate myself and meet other tattoo enthusiasts!

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