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  1. scrubby


    Go on you have got me! what is this technical question I have asked? I may have hinted that I can't post any new post's but if I was able to post, then it would probably be in the "tattoo marketplace" subsection of the forum or perhaps the "stuff for sale" section. On the scrounge for a couple of slightly shorter shorty coil cores than are generally available as standard. Sorry if I triggered any key words. lol, nice to meet you. :)
  2. scrubby


    Hi, I'm not the shop owner and he's asked me not to associate myself with himself or the shop, even though he's a mate, has and is giving me guidance and I have tattooed him, I'm not permitted to use his name etc. You know the quirks of the characters involved in the tattoo world and I would rather not piss him off, or I'll..... "Always be just a scratcher!" I've uploaded a couple of photos, not all are the finished item and flash is by Anibal, Jackie Rabbit and Scott Kaiser.
  3. scrubby


    Hi, just thought I would introduce myself to you fellow nearly extinct spuggie forum members. I go by the name of Mark, friends call me Hughsey, Scrubby is the name of my dead dog. I reside in England and am pleased to meet your acquaintance. It's probably going to take me ages to get up to 10 posts in existing threads so if anybody can recommend a coil core supplier, shorty and standard but shorty aint quite standard, with metric threads and e-clips.
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