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  1. yes you will most surley see my tattoos as soon as i load my new computer with them i will post them..
  2. welcome, sounds fun i like traveling, but my home is bad apple tattoo in dallas ga...
  3. not to bad on my first, But when i took an audition to get into the shop im in now I was kinda nervous having this old schooler watching me, it went well and i love the shop im in now.
  4. here is a pic of a huge tattoo on the back of my neck click link http://ernestshort.yolasite.com/neck.php
  5. Crazy, When i met my wife i had one tattoo she had none, now im a tattoo artist and we are both covered in ink,,
  6. the shading could be changed, Stop with vasiline, use h20 ocean, or you could use aquaphore you can get it at walmart. Im a artist at bad apple tattoo, we dont use vasiline ever... we use a&d when were doing the tattoo and usaully suggest the h20 or the aquaphore and we have had great results with that
  7. dont bug me none, i just get a good laugh, the thing is tattooed people dont care if your tattooed or not
  8. Im so lucky, im covered in ink, both arms sleeved, 3 on my neck so far bout to get another on neck, both hands. knuckles, legs,back... but im a tattoo artist so its accepted in my workplace... as it should in every occupation.
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Ernest Short I have been tattooing for 7 years, I am currently a tattoo artist at bad apple tattoo in dallas georgia, my interest are horror, black and grey, and old school.
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