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    I am currently at The Grand Tattoo Lodge in redlands Ca. My hours there are 11am till the day is done thursday thru monday. I watercolor paint, goof off, and build machines in my spare time. Right now jhmachines and blvcklistmachines are the ways to aquire my machines. If you have any questions for making an appointment or obtaining a machine, please feel free to text me at 317 728 8374 and we can work out any and all details. I sell my machines to pros only. Thank you.
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    Tattoo machines,tattooing, and water color painting.
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    Machine Builder and Tattoor

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  1. Started this last night....can't wait to finish it.
  2. Didn't do the very top symbol....but touched it up and add a few things. This was a fun one from the other day.
  3. Fun jam from last night.
  4. Big O hand casted frame set up as a color saturation machine. Great for 9 mags to 25 mags. 6 layered coils. 18 guage front and rear springs ( blued ).
  5. Set up for 7rds. And up. 8 layered coils. 18 guage front and rear springs ( blued ).
  6. J Frame set as a color sat/whip shader. Great with 9 mags up to 25 mags. 8 layered coils. 18 guage front and rear springs ( blued ).
  7. Bulldog frame set up as a Cutback liner. Great for single to 5 rds. 8 layered coils. 18 guage front and rear springs ( blued ).
  8. What I do sometimes between appointments.
  9. JHmachines


    Two frames I finished a few days ago.
  10. JHmachines


    2 frames I've finished today.
  11. JHmachines

    Painted this today

    Finished this up today...Prints $20 or buy the original for $100. 317 728 8374 text me at if interested.
  12. Prints are ready and I've sent all the orders today. $40 a set. Text me 317 728 8374. PayPal or cash in person.
  13. Fun little jam today!
  14. JHmachines

    5 set flash

    18 designs for $40. PayPal or cash in person. Text me at 3177288374.
  15. Color saturation machine. Great with 11 mags and up. Great for solid color and pepper shading.
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