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  1. I like the pictures you guy's posted. I guess I'm having trouble trying to symbolize it, or like I said before, think of an image that I can add to. I know the idea of flowers, and I really do like what you have Dan, but I feel like flowers aren't the way to go for me, haha.
  2. Hey guys, still a newbie here and looking for your advice on a tattoo I'm planning. Now before I begin, I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancée, and she has a little girl of her own that I am not the father of, however I have been there since she was 4 months old (she is 4 now) so she is basically mine. We're already in talks about having more children, so this brings me here to find some of your suggestions! Basically what I want to somehow design would be a piece to signify all of the love in my life. (Fiancée, daughter, and those to come) I know it's "frowned upon" to get names on you as thing
  3. My first and only at the moment is my zodiac sign. It is a symbol for my mother (passionate about zodiac signs) as well as myself (as I am a Virgo). To me, it's a nice way of always having a part of my mother with me, and also an easy way to talk about it when I'm asked.
  4. Happy Belated birthday :P I also celebrated mine recently (the 24th)
  5. Woohoo, more Canadians!
  6. Mike112


    Wow, I love that tattoo!
  7. I just bought my second motorcycle. (Passed the old one to the old lady) Loving every second of it!
  8. I'm thinking of going for all the courses and what not. I love shooting and would love to become an owner.
  9. Nothing better than a cold Keith's on a hot summer's day.
  10. Hi everyone! New to the website. I look forward to chatting with everyone about everything related to tattoos! I currently have only 1 and am working on many more to come. Mike
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