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    My name is Matt, I am 19 years old and I love art and tattoos!
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    Playing guitar, drawing, basketball.
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    Factory Worker =/

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  1. Does anyone have any scrimshaw styled tattoos? Or have any of you even heard of this style? There is an artist in NY by the name of Duke Riley who does this style and kills it. An artist in Fort Wayne I go to has dipped into this style and it has become one of my favorites for sure. I would be really cool to see any scrimshaw pieces any of you have? I have a few pieces I had done on me that I will post later on.
  2. I have always loved traditional lettering. I am pretty picky with script though
  3. neckface

    Hey All!

    Hopefully I can make it up sometime.
  4. neckface

    Hey All!

    I guess I should plan a trip up there sometime this year!
  5. neckface

    Hey All!

    Thanks! And yea Chi Town isn't too far of a drive from here, I am guessing that is a shop up there?
  6. neckface

    Hey All!

    I got it from Dave Pitcher out of Fort Wayne Indiana, at Wildman's Tattoo and Body Piercing.
  7. neckface

    Hey All!

    [/img] My Sailor Jerry geisha, one of my favorite pieces.
  8. neckface

    Hey All!

    I only started getting tattooed recently, so no work from any big artists yet.
  9. neckface

    Hey All!

    Hi everyone, my name is Matt Reese. I live in Plymouth, Indiana. I am a tattoo enthusiast and always find myself looking at tattoos while I am online so I thought I would register on this forum.
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