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  1. Great tattoo!!!!! Hope you are enjoying it now!!
  2. Could be a reaction to the saniderm. You may have a sensitivity towards the adhesive. Wouldn’t hurt to have a doc check
  3. New Hampshire??? Definitely hobos or their sister shop Congress st tattoo in Portsmouth.
  4. Why is it rude to ask who the tattooer is?!?
  5. Looks like a little ink loss due to scabbing. Touch up should fix it right up.
  6. Rob I

    Tattoo help

    Agree with above. Could also be ingrown hairs caused by initial shaving and way too much lotion clogging pores. Keep it dry for a while
  7. Rob I


    I see zero scabbing. Tattoos can feel raised for a while. They are not fully healed for about 6 weeks and then take months to settle in. I don't see anything of concern
  8. Tattoo looks totally fine and seems to be healing very well. The lightening of the colors is totally normal as the ink is now under a layer of new skin. Looks totally and completely normal.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Your tattoo looks great. I think you are over analyzing it. it's very well done. Size and placement is perfect.
  10. This is different altogether and the discussion should be allowed in my opinion. OP is NOT looking for a career as a tattooer and is simply trying to better someone's cancer treatment. To the op- this forum will be of little help. It used to be populated by tattooers but most left and you are just reaching collectors here who won't be able to answer your question. I suggest calling or stopping by a legit shop and asking them. They will be much more help than anyone that frequents this board. Best of luck.
  11. Tegaderm is awesome and have used it on the last 4 of my tattoos. I did not use it on my back piece. I did however sleep on my back and I don't personally think it made any difference. I can't sleep on my stomach and told the tattooer straight up that I was going to sleep on my back. He didn't think it would be an issue and it never seemed to be. That being said, lay still and try not to move around when sleeping. Easier said than done i guess. But if you don't have any adhesive allergies, I can not recommend tegaderm strongly enough. The stuff is a total game changer.
  12. From what I've read. Aloe isn't great on new tattoos but should be fine with healed ones.
  13. Perfect!!! Fantastic tattoo
  14. Rob I


    If you are in philly go visit old city tattoo and I'm sure it can be fixed up to your liking. It doesn't look bad at all. I do see a bit of the old tattoo peeking through in the top pic but it's definitely not as bad as you describe. Easy to be critical of tattoos that you have to look at every day though Martin Lacasse does incredible Japanese work at old city and could probably re-work that peony to make it perfect. Good luck!
  15. I think you are NUTS for not being in love with that tattoo. Super nice. And we are really picky here.
  16. That area is prime for blow outs. I have a few in the same area. Mostly it's lines that blow out, not the coloring or shading. Once he shades and colors it in, you'll never see the blowout again. Super nice by the way! Don't sweat the little bits of fuzz. You will never see them again once it's finished
  17. Guessing ingrown hair as well.
  18. That doesn't look like scabbing. It looks like the peeling skin mushed together and formed a bit of a blob. Give it some time.
  19. Ingrown hairs maybe? I think they could produce similar symptoms
  20. @guitguy fantastic. Love that one! @9Years thanks!!! Your arm is sick! @bongsau totally what drew me to the design. I like my panthers all jacked up! Yours RULES
  21. I didn't see anything in the rules regarding multiple submissions... so here is another panther done buy Nick Colella at this year's Montreal Tattoo Art Show. Healed pic
  22. All have been amazing so far!!! Here's a panther and some roses done by Jebb Riley, done at Congress st tattoo. This was a spur of the moment cover up started while I was waiting on Chad Koeplinger to color in my chest eagle. He was running late, so I made good use of the down time. Done in 3 sessions. Second pick is a half shot of it healed several years later.