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    Rob I got a reaction from janrose in Got my first tattoo cover up   
    Great tattoo!!!!!  Hope you are enjoying it now!!   
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    Rob I reacted to tsuk in Hey, tattoo in progress, looking for opinions   
    Shoulder part is complete 

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    Rob I reacted to tsuk in Hey, tattoo in progress, looking for opinions   
    4 th session done
    Some lines dont look straight its because of the muscle underneath

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    Rob I reacted to tsuk in Hey, tattoo in progress, looking for opinions   
    Hey guys small update
    Think we re about halfway done !

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    Rob I reacted to oboogie in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Left elbow yesterday. Left it until the very last. Yeeeeeouch. Next is the fill in to finally finish the sleeve. 

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    Rob I reacted to Boiled Dove in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Little outline Chad carved into me yesterday morning. 

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    Rob I reacted to Russ in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    It's been a good while since I posted on here so here are a few bits I've had over the last year or two, there are more but these are the only ones that I have pics to hand. 
    A couple from Steve Byrne 
    My leg as been in progress for about two years now, one session to go, by Damien Rodriguez 
    Oliver Macintosh 
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    Rob I reacted to Rich in Just starting my tattoo journey   
    Hello Everyone,
    Been poking around these forums for a while and figured I'd register and talk about my experiences. I'll give a little back story and show you what I've had done.
    I always wanted to get a tattoo but kept putting it off because I was nervous about the pain and how my body would react to it all. In September of 2014 my friend Jason suggested going to a convention in San Francisco and I thought that would be a great time for it. Before the trip Jason and I ended up going to a shop and I got something small.

    I was pretty relaxed walking into the shop but once the machine turned on I got nervous again. I had this one placed on the upper portion of my calf. I thought it was a nice concealable spot and it was meaty so it wouldn't be that bad. I felt the area twitching for most of time but it came out fine.
    So October rolled around pretty quick and we flew out to San Francisco for the convention. At the time I didn't know what style I wanted but I did know that I wanted to get an owl. So my friends and I were walking around looking at all the different booths and Jason suggested Katja Ramirez from Rock of Ages. So thats what I did!

    From this point I decided I wanted to go for my entire right arm. A few weeks after the convention when I got home I added a little more.

    Done by Andrew Stortz (he did my first tattoo) @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
    Here's more progress on the arm:

    Done by Andrew Stortz @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH

    Done by Jebb Riley @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
    Kind of an interesting scenario with the next two... Hobo's and Congress St. are a 5 minute walk from each other and my friend and I both had the same time appointment but at different shops. Chad Koeplinger was guesting and Jason got on the list really early on. So as I'm getting the my work done Jason shows up and says Chad wasn't ready yet and he'd get a call when to come back. So he waited while I got the one below done.

    Done by Andrew Stortz @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
    Jason was getting a mandala and to kill some time I got this...

    Done by Spencer Scott @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
    Last week I had this done, forgot to get a picture when it was fresh. I didn't explicitly ask for it done upside down, it was a weird space and I thought I'd work. I ran it by the artist and he said it'd be fine.

    Done by Spencer Scott @ Hobo's/Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
    My future plans are to complete my left arm with either color traditional or Japanese, still in the decision making phase.
    Thanks for reading,
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    Rob I reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    well, squid pants getting the layers...finished my Five Deadly Venoms themed thigh tattoo collage ! 
    My homie Rich Harding (Champion Tattoo Edmonton, AB) whipped in some some smoke-grey shading behind the 2nd layer black widow spider and centipede he did last month.. The spider webbing is layered on top of my 9 year old p-knee tattoos. really tied everything together and am very happy with the results. it is healing great.

    ...and then I had the very exciting, rare and unique opportunity to tattoo myself for the first time. I did the top square inch of red background behind the 5 year old yin-yang auspicious spider. Rich said, you've got all these tattoos budd, you need to fill in at least a small part of your bodysuit on your own.

    Quitting my day job...SORRY BOOKS CLOSED UNTIL 2022 haha
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    Rob I reacted to cibo in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    yearly visit to @ScottSylvia session 1, will add colour later in the month
    all tied in w/old snake, so happy, i love it.
    Scott's the best!🙂

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    Rob I reacted to otisc in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    November 28 -- 2nd sleeve begins.
    Once again, we returned to the studios of world traveling artist Scott Ellis. He's spent most of the last six months hopscotching Europe. I was happy to know ahead of time that he'd be back in Austin Texas for a few week -- plenty of time to start sleeve #2. 
    Scott suggested we try a Phoenix for this sleeve. Seemed to fit well with the dragon. Here is his notebook prior to my arriving:

    As before, Scott creates the design in freehand. Took him about 3.25 hours. And as before, he was ever the perfectionist -- at one point an hour in wiping off my arm and starting again because he felt the bird's head was an inch off from where he wanted it. 

    As we progress, Scott goes through about four layers, increasing the detail with ever more fine brushes along the way.

    Below are layer #3 and #4:

    Taken in mirror:

    And at least, we ink! 2.5 hours of linework. 

    Unfortunately, Scott is back off to Europe... so no shading stage until April. That's okay, it is worth the wait to be worked on by a master. 
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    Rob I got a reaction from Kingdomhearts25 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got this dragon head from Greg Christian when he was at Congress St tattoo!  I have always wanted a dragon head from him and I absolutely LOVE this one.
    This was done on Saturday 4/30. The very next day Jason Scott finished up the background on my left arm.  Super happy with the results of that as well and I will post those pics soon.
    It was super annoying to heal two arms at once, especially considering the Greg Christian piece is almost my whole inner forearm, and Jason Scott's work was from my elbow up to my armpit and shoulder.  It was all worth it though in the end.
    Greg recommended using Tegaderm to heal the dragon head.  Jason Scott had a roll of it,  and between him, Greg, and Spencer Scott,  they managed to get it on really well.  I guess the stuff wasn't cooperating at first and it took a few tries (painful tries... put it on, take it off....) and a few different hands to get it on in the end.  That stuff seemed to work like a charm.  I've included a mostly healed pic as well.  I say mostly healed because you can still see a few flakes of the second peel in that pic.  I would definitely use it again.  I healed Jason's stuff the normal way and that turned out really good as well.  Very relieved and extremely happy as I find healing tattoos pretty stressful all around.

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    Rob I reacted to cfmartin67 in Cover Up Advice   
    “Think before you ink!” 
    It’s a good tattoo and a coverup will be a disaster. Learn to love it, add to it to make it more feminine, or get started with the laser treatments. Believe me, I’m the master of getting coverups, blast overs, and redoing tattoos. I’d leave that one alone!
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    Rob I reacted to oboogie in Question about kneedle and thickness.   
    Ask him. We are tattoo fans here, not tattoo artists (for the most part). Just ask him to explain.
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    Rob I reacted to Dan in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    I just got back from the SF convention ,it was a beautiful day in the bay area,got this from Greg Christian.
    I met up with Zetroc and Hands On,both really nice guys.

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    Rob I reacted to purplelace in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Healed pic of tattoo got done earlier this month.  Was quite impressed was able to get this pic by myself :)  It's a Honda CB Twin Motorcycle, done in memory of biker friends who recently passed.  It has healed so beautifully and I am beyond happy with it :)

    Done on my inner right thigh, by Tommygunn, Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  


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    Rob I reacted to AtomicMagpye in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Back in to my friendly local tattoo emporium this Thursday - rework of 25 (ish) year old dragon - 
    before and after in the pics - 

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    Rob I reacted to Hogrider in Does this tattoo look like a penis   
    If your penis looks like that, go see a doctor. ;-)
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    Rob I reacted to bongsau in How much do you think this will cost?   
    $1000 ...or $100
    if you were going to get a car that you would be stuck driving for the rest of your life...would you just go with a used Kia or save your allowance and get a BMW ? the choice is yours.
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    Rob I got a reaction from Illiad86 in Veteran LST users unite!   
    Never!  Your posts are always awesome. 
    I hate healing tattoos. Tegaderm makes it a little better cause you don't really have to do anything. But the day you have to take the tegaderm off is stressful as can be. It hurts, ya gotta go really slow, and honestly you just have no idea what the heck it's gonna look like under there. You just cross your fingers and hope that the 3M company comes through and doesn't let you down. 
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    Rob I got a reaction from oboogie in Am I overreacting? Best course of Action? If any?   
    Totally fine. Way over thinking. 
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    Rob I got a reaction from Devious6 in Am I overreacting? Best course of Action? If any?   
    Totally fine. Way over thinking. 
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    Rob I got a reaction from oboogie in Worried about translation quality   
    Why is it rude to ask who the tattooer is?!?  
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    Rob I got a reaction from bongsau in Worried about translation quality   
    Why is it rude to ask who the tattooer is?!?  
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    Rob I reacted to Tornado7 in Worried about translation quality   
    My plain old ordinary artists do their own art work. I can't imagine taking a stencil on to a top tattooer. I can't imagine a top tattooer accepting a stencil.