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  1. Jeez you guys! These tattoos are all seriously awesome, wow! It's going to be a tough contest this month. I just love how a lot of these tattoos have similar subject matter but have such unique takes. You all have rad tattoos!
  2. @Kinglambert I can't believe this is your first tattoo! Congrats on a fantastic piece and winning June! Everything else should be a cake walk in comparison now. Congrats on the nuptials too!
  3. Thank you! So glad the coverups are done and I now have something cool there instead of silly stuff from my adolescence. ;) There were three coverups on this one by the way, one on each shoulder and an early 2000 style tramp stamp.
  4. Oh what the hell. Might as well post my finished back piece. A year long process has come to an end and I can't wait to start another piece! Done by Stacey Martin-Smith at Golden Age in Austin, TX.
  5. Saw this on Instagram a few days ago; this is truly a thing of beauty!
  6. Might as well add my recent tattoo to this thread. ;) Done by Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages in Austin.
  7. David Mushaney at Rebel Muse
  8. Chad Koeplinger at Rock of Ages
  9. McAstronaut

    Unicorn Rose

    Stacey Martin-Smith at Golden Age
  10. McAstronaut


    Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages
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