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  1. You mean a hipster cross--note the thick-rimmed glasses.
  2. Strange how an area that should be accustomed to sensation/pain (the palm) hurts so bad. I don't intend to get hand tattoos so I'll never find this out for myself though.
  3. Fun topic....I got my first tattoo at age 21 (32 now). I was in college and had been planning on it for quite some time, so I tried to soften the blow beforehand by asking my mom if I could get a tattoo, or talking about them, or saying things like "aren't rose tattoos cute?". Her response each time was "I don't think so, Heidi". But of course I went ahead and got one. I decided to just tell her about it right away, and showed it to her the next time I visited home for the weekend. I said, "Isn't it cuuuute?!" when I showed her and she just made a face then said, "That's your last one right?"
  4. Maybe he'll remember me then. I see he is a member here. The tattoo is a 3 x 3" black and white rose on one hip.
  5. I gotta get a pic of mine...I was browsing my photos and realized I don't have any photos of the entire completed backpiece. Some great work here from what I've seen so far!
  6. That's true--Ben will still get my patronage. I'll ask him about it at a later date. Not only do I love Ben's work, but I guess at this point he and I know each other well and work together well. I know his routine with tattooing and what to expect, and he's pretty much the same with me. Using someone new after being accustomed to the familiar can be a little jarring. In 2009 I used two different artists--Robin King at Metamorph to do a specialty cover-up/re-do tattoo and Cameron Sweet at Electric Ladyland in NOLA while on vacation, and I had to get accustomed to their mannerisms, routines,
  7. Heh, I'm being steered away from Detroit, ain't I?! - - - Updated - - - I'll have to take another look at her portfolio to see what she can do. It's been a long time since I checked it. It would be convenient to go to the same shop....but I can tell you, it will be very WEIRD to be tattooed by someone besides Ben there!
  8. Oh yes, can't forget Texas Chainsaw Massacre....love that one as well. I love that whole 70s/80s period. It seems like most movies now just try to recreate or reinvent the wheel (the horror wheel in this instance). It's hard to find good ones, but it doesn't stop me from trying. And like I said, I even enjoy the very bad ones....including the ones that are purposefully bad (like Dead Alive--LOVE that one!) Good point about Alien--you're right. It feeds upon the unknown. I love the movie so much that I have an accurate/true-to-life tattoo of the queen fetus from the Alien 3 box art on my back.
  9. Technically sci-fi but my favorite movie, period, is Ridley Scott's Alien. After that, I love the 70s/80s classics--Jaws, The Exorcist (directors cut), The Thing, The Changeling, Amityville Horror, The Shining, and more. I prefer those over the old slashers, although those are fun too. For modern movies, I love Rob Zombie's movies, and think there are some wonderful foreign horror films these days. I also like good ole slashers such as the Saw series, but learned to not eat spaghetti while watching those. Spaghetti and slashers isn't a great combo. I could go on but...enough about me, how
  10. My husband and I are big fans of horse racing...we decided, almost on a whim, to get this particular mare off the track and retired to a good home. We had been following her for three years and she was quickly disappearing into the cracks, so I felt compelled to at least TRY to get her. Local writer for the Daily Racing Form caught wind of our project and did a little piece on it, it was really cool, and I hope it inspires other people: Retired racehorses: One fan does her part to find mare a home | Daily Racing Form
  11. Figured I would add a pic of the most recent piece finished.
  12. I haven't seen much mention of them in this thread--does anyone else get shooting nerve pain during tattoos? Those are always the worst for me. IE, when I had my back done, I had nerve pain shooting into my chest, so my chest hurt during parts of my back. Then other sections had nerve pain going down to my elbows. When I had the top of my foot done, the actual tattoo wasn't bad at all (got caught up on a novel I was reading during the session), but again the nerve pain shooting up my leg wasn't too pleasant. As for actual area being tattooed, my lower center back over the spine was the wor
  13. Never been called a tattoo snob to my face, but I know I am one. That said, I never diss anyone's tattoo, even if they ask me for my opinion. Everyone's tattoo has meaning to them, even if it's a piece of shit. Who am I to take away from that? I will diss tattoos in the privacy of my own home/vehicle/whatnot with my husband, however (also a tattoo snob). I've also emailed my artist a couple particularly bad tattoos for fun too...... :)
  14. Yeah, he does great work...but I have not seen many animal portraits from him. I am being extremely choosy about who does this particular tattoo, unfortunately. This cat meant the world to me and he will always have a special place in my heart, so I feel that I need to find someone with a lot of experience doing pet portraits. Hope that isn't too corny.
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