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    I live in Alaska and have 11 tattoo's and counting. I am addicted but always think at least 6 months b4 I get a tattoo, like where on my body and what I want. Each of my tattoo's have a story, and some are very long.
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    Snowborarding, tattoo's, family
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    Business Owner, Chelsea's Confident Creations

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  1. Born Bronco's fan here, and they're kickin ass!!
  2. When my parents saw my first tattoo when I was 18 they freaked. We were out in the middle of no where and i was wearing a white tank, in alaska. I swam in the lake we were at and they saw this naked chick with her lady parts cover in dragon claws and dragons on her arms. LMFAO I said, :At least she's not totally naked!!"
  3. haha same great ppl!! Deb I would love for you to do some foot prints some day for sure!! I want you and mat to tattoo me!! Make it a family affair! Love you guys
  4. Don Yarien At Eagle River Tattoo in Eagle river Alaska!! Amazing artist!
  5. By far out of all my tattoo's the inner arm is the hardest and most painful to heal!!
  6. Thanks!! I'm very new at this so I just posted a few on my profile gallery!!
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