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  1. I found it quite easy to be able to get my feet tattooed, but what has really sucked so far is my elbow ditch in my arm, during my sleeve. I can guarantee many future tattoos will be more painful, but that's that for now. - - - Updated - - - Completely agree with you on this one. Due to my career choice, hands and throat are out of the question.
  2. You learn to accept the fact that no matter where you, people from now until you die, will look down on you for beeing tattooed. Learn to appreciate it, because not all stares are bad, and most definitely not all stares are good. Some may be in shock, disbelief, but some may also be in awe, and appreciative.
  3. I got my feet done at the age of 18, which was my first tattoo, and I really appreciate the fact that I waited. When I was younger I always wanted praying hands tattooed to me, as I grew up as a Roman Catholic; I realized that my beliefs conflicted with Catholic beliefs, and so now, if I was to have that tattoo, it would definitely be a regret of mine. If you're wondering, hey, why did this guy get his feet first? Well, it's because although I had a thorough love for ink one others, I was uncertain of what it would like on myself. After I got my first one, I have probably got about three each year since then, which seems to me a good time frame for me, seeing as I will still be forty or so, and getting tattooed. Great thread!
  4. That's exactly what happened to me. I flipped it on for about two or three minutes, and felt the need to go smoke a cigarette to relieve my boiling blood.
  5. I currently work as an office clerk, in a privately owned courier company. At first, I was covering up my tattoos, because I wasn't sure of the environment I was stepping into. Now, I still dress business casual, but if I wear a golf shirt, my sleeve is obviously being shown off, and I generally just receive compliments about it, or the progress on it (it is not yet finished). It all depends on the occupation you choose. I would get hands and throat done eventually, but I do not think as a chartered accountant (currently in school for), I would be very respect in that field. Cheers!
  6. I am no expert, but I believe the sleeve length totally depends on your stand point, and what type of occupation you hold. Because I am in school for Accounting, to become a CA, I stopped my sleeve, one inch from my wrist, in the assumption that any dress shirt will cover this up. I personally would love to extend it, all the way down to my hands, and have my knuckles done as well, but I know that at this point in my life, it is not an option. Basically, go with your guy instinct, and you should be fine.
  7. True North Strong and Free
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to LST, and just wanted to give a quick introduction of who I am. I am a twenty year old, expected father of a beautiful girl named Audrey, due in November 2012. I have only been getting inked for the last two and a half years, with a mere eight tattoos on my body. The first to be done were my feet, which I am proud to have done. I am a pool shark by day, and a vinyl collector by night. I hope to learn a lot more about this phenomenal industry, and take my knowledge and share it with friends and family in the "off-line" world. Cheers, Shoey
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