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  1. Going on a TV show is a no no for me. Thanks for the advice Stewart and the rest. It'll probably be while before I can afford the removal, but I'll look into the place in Romford when I'm ready.
  2. Cheers for the info. That's a very good price and Farnham isn't too far for me. I'll sort out an appointment soon and start my zapping. Looks like your back piece removal is going well. Good luck with all of that!
  3. Cheers aleksksks, do you know what sort of price he's paying and how large his tattoo is?
  4. Thanks for that Iwar. I guess what I'll do is try and visit a few them all in a short period, guess that's the only way I'll find out their actual prices... plus I might get so many test patches that I'll get a first session for free! :-)
  5. I'm looking to get my tattoo removed this year hopefully and have been browsing a few places online. I've got a 3/4 sleeve tattoo. I'm just looking for a ball park figure for removal before I visit any places to check them out, as I know the size of the tattoo and colours used will influence this. But I'd like to know the figures I'll be looking at as I want to commit to getting the tattoo reduced enough for a cover-up. I found this place in London: Tattoo Removal Price List | Tattoo Removal Is £1000 for 5 sessions reasonable? Cheers
  6. Looks great Russ. For me it's between yours and smiling.politely's eagle on the head.
  7. I can understand shinobi. It does happen. I was tattooed by an artist of considerable repute last year, saw his work in magazines, etc. I went with a "trust me" for a sleeve tattoo and am regretting it. The first alarm bells rang when he inked a perspective line drawing of a phoenix on my forearm. It looked great on paper, but not so wrapped around my arm, it's hard to pick out what's going on and it looks like it has a broken wing and neck. I was in denial for ages and friends told me not to worry as it would all work out in the end. I went through with the full tattoo thinking at the end of the day I will get a great piece of work and I didn't want to micro-manage. But the sleeve isn't great either - far too much solid black, detail on the outside of the foreground pieces has been lost and I've noticed a few errors where lines stop behind foreground pieces, etc. I hold my hands up and think I should have communicated my thoughts and concerns more, but just did not think I would get a bad tattoo. Same as you, I'm too embarrassed to show it. I've worn a t-shirt twice since I had it and always seemed to see a lot of people with good and fantastic sleeves when I did! If you're having doubts now, with a work in progress, I'd seriously consider whether you want to go through with it. I wish I stopped after the first session with the linework, but hey ho. I'm looking to remove too if I can scrape the money together so will join you posting on the removal forum!
  8. Swan

    New to the forum

    Welcome Conor. My tuppence worth would be to have a clear idea about what you want. I was vague about a sleeve piece and am unhappy with the end result. Good luck with it!
  9. Welcome aboard - good luck sorting the next tattoo
  10. I have lots of self-harm scars on my arm that were very noticeable before the tattoo. Plus a 4 inch scar where I had shoulder surgery. I had a 3/4 sleeve piece to cover them up. The detail in the tattoos means it's difficult to see them unless particular lighting conditions catch my arm at the right angle. Pain-wise the self-harm scars weren't all that bad, there were a lot of them but they weren't super deep cuts. The surgery scar was very painful though, the worst bit of the tattoo, unexpected as it was a pretty numb area before the needle went over it!
  11. Thanks so much for posting this. Great to see that you eventually got a fantastic piece of work. It's a journey I'll be undertaking when I get the money together so I look forward to posting the progress to a decent looking piece of work too.
  12. Swan

    Hello all

    Hello there. I've too have been lurking a while. I'm from Berkshire, England. I just have the one tattoo, a 3/4 sleeve I'm very unhappy with so am looking to get that covered up in the near future. Been following a few threads and it's been great to read successful laser/cover-up stories and a massive relief that it is possible to fix mistakes. Cheers.
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