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  1. A couple I've done for trades over the last couple of days. Another small one to do then i've got another big one to attempt!
  2. Been working on this Bert Grimm re-paint for a week or so. It's something like 30x22 or just less as the paper is a weird size. Hope you guys like it!
  3. I think this is one of my favourite posts I have read on LST so far. OCD does seem to get banded around a lot when talking about people who are keen on hygene and cleanliness without considering the irrational side of the disorder. I don't think I would want to search out a Tattooer who was going to make irrational/illogical decisions at any given time...
  4. Hey guys, Dietzel re-paint I did last night, not had any time for anything recently so was nice to get something done!
  5. In the shop I work in at the moment about 70% of people that come in either want to cover up something terrible or ask about covering something during the time that they are in the shop. It's crazy how much terrible work comes out of shops.
  6. Rich Hadley at Rain City in Manchester has done some nice ones recently. Check out his instagram. I'm at work so can't get the links right now!
  7. I try to sell paintings/prints where I can so if you ever see anything of mine you like then let me know! Nowhere near the standard on the links above but one day maybe! I post most stuff on instagram @Captain_cabinet I wish I could afford some of Virginia Elwood prints!
  8. @youthcrewalex lovely stuff. I will send that trade to you this week, been hectic!
  9. I will get involved as soon as I get some time to paint something properly. Send me a message and let me know what would interest you! One from last night;
  10. Yeah man, always like to trade! Just need to make a bit of cash too to get through the apprenticeship. Send me a PM or email.
  11. Another one I finished last night for a trade with @nofireinmylungs on instagram. I feel a bit happier with the colours on this one. I am trying to put together a flash set of around 6 sheets if anyone would be interested in prints just let me know. Thanks for looking!
  12. My first tattoo from my mentor...took advantage of a cancellation!
  13. Couple of new paintings I have done, One refereced from a Ukiyo-e print and the other a quick Sunday afternoon I forgot to buy a Mother's Day card!
  14. I started an apprenticeship 3 or 4 months ago. I am in the shop 3 days and work 3 days plus a few hours on the days I am in the shop. I have been offered the desk job at the shop for a small wage to allow me to be in the shop more and hopefully learn faster. I feel very lucky to have been offered this and am working my notice now to allow me to take up the position full time. Things seem to be slightly different in the UK, it is rare that you would pay for a good apprenticeship, there is a shop fairly local that have 3 apprentices that have all paid £2,000.00 and are just sat around the shop as the shop just isn’t busy, as someone mentioned earlier it seems that the shops that charge over here are the ones that need the cash whereas if a shop thinks you have the potential to bring in clients they are more likely to actually try to pass on some knowledge. Back to the original question; I agree that there are too many tattooers, but certainly in the UK the majority aren’t great. I think in an ideal world good tattooers who are willing to teach things the right way and of course who actually want to apprentice someone do so as that is the only way that the right way will continue, I know that’s just common sense. I also think that people who are in it for the wrong reasons ought to stop taking advantage of people to make some quick ££. And finally I think people should stop looking to be offered an apprenticeship over the internet (obviously not aimed at anyone here). Some of the other forums I use every other post is just a request for someone to get in touch and offer to teach them.
  15. New little one I picked up from Mil Martinez at the Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester. He works out of 13 Diamonds in London. Super cool guy. Sorry about the crappy picture, i'll get a better one soon!
  16. Had a go at a Battle Royale as a gift for a tattooer i'm hopefully getting some more work from next month, he is a real cool guy and opened my eyes to traditional tattooing and painting etc when I first met him. I hope he likes it, I know some people might have seen this on instagram already.
  17. That is one of the worst I have seen! I saw a cracker on instagram last night, will try to find a link.
  18. Jodie Marsh is a glamour model who will try anything to get into the press basically. Louis Molloy was the main guy on London Ink, not sure if that had as much exposure in the US? he worked with Dan Gold, Phil Kyle etc on that show and tattoos people like David Beckham. Not sure how he got involved in this.
  19. My first real commision I finished last night....went a bit crazy with the Paynes Grey!
  20. The guy was on a documentary over here in the UK that basically tried to set tattooing back by 20 years. There is probably a thread about it somewhere but you might be able to search 'My Tattoo Addiction' and find it. Was a channel 4 show..... horrible stuff, a lot of artists over here weren't too impressed when it came out!!
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