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  1. I purchase Dr. Numb off of amazon and have my wife apply it about an hour and a half before my appointment. I will probably continue to use it, even though they don't offer it. You should have said that you chose New Look, because we could have both gotten half off one treatment with there referral program.
  2. I've been using Dr. Numb for my last few treatments and I think it works great. I go to New Look Houston and they use a cryo-cooler, but it was still pretty painful without the numbing cream. I was also unaware that negative results could be caused by using a numbing cream.
  3. Treatments are going as well as can be expected and I'm happy with the results so far. I plan on posting a thread when I'm done, since I don't take pictures on my own. I'm going to have the clinic email me the pictures since they take one before every treatment. I also had some gnarly blisters about the size of yours that appeared only after my first treatment. Having five tattoos done is a pain, but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.
  4. I had my fourth treatment on my arm and leg, along with my third treatment on my chest yesterday. They used the normal laser first then went over everything with an erbium fractional laser. It was the first time they used this method.
  5. This just put a big smile on my face. Thanks for brightening my day.
  6. I was the same way after my first treatment. I was telling everyone that it didn't hurt that bad. I had my back done on my second treatment and thought I was going to pass out. After that I bought the numbing cream and quit trying to be a tough guy.
  7. My swelling was just as you described, and I'm definitely in a good mood after every treatment. I have an appointment for my next treatment on the 28th and will probably look into fade fast after that.
  8. My arm was swollen after my last treatment, but I don't blister anymore. The pain is going to be different for everyone and depends on their pain tolerance. I've witnessed someone crying in the waiting room after a treatment. I'm glad you decided to go through with the process, instead of blacking out your arm. I've been thinking of taking a trip to Dallas, due to all the positive reviews.
  9. Thomas Hooper is going to be guesting at Rock of Ages for three days in January.
  10. To me the pain was much worse than getting a tattoo. I did a few sessions without and numbing cream and it was brutal. Invest in numbing cream because the sessions I have had since using it have been a breeze.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I found LST because of your laser removal thread. I just had my third session on Thursday and these pics let me know it will all be worth it. Amazing!
  12. Ian Flower posted this on his instagram and is what I picture with your description. Personally I believe laser is always the best bet.
  13. My EDC is a Case medium stockman that I've had about six months.
  14. I've had four laser treatments and I have pinpoint bleeding that scabs up and heals fine. I wouldn't call it cutting but puncturing.
  15. The removal place I go to uses the Astanza Trinity Laser and I've been happy so far. They also use the machine that blows the freezing air.
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