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  1. Wow, came out super nice! The white really makes me wish I hadn't turned down adding some to my crane. Might have to go back and get some put in. @omeletta By the way, I'm the guy with the deer backpiece in progress by Yutaro and Claudia you were sat across from for one of your previous sessions, hi.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I've got Max at Stockholm Classic booked for next month, I'll be sure to share a pic after.
  3. Thanks, so far I think I'll be getting in touch with Iain Mullen and Max Stalhammar to check their availability. Any other recommendations in case these guys are booked or away?
  4. Hi folks, Travelling to Stockholm for a couple days in December and would love to get a one-shot Japanese tattoo while I'm out there. Can you recommend any shops/artists I could get in touch with for a booking? I got a fun one-shot with an LA twist from Horisuzu at Dark Horse when I was over in the US a couple months ago, so I'm looking for something similar but with a Swedish influence this time. Cheers
  5. Was there too! Great lecture, can't wait for the book next year. Didn't expect that I would also get to meet Mr. Hardy too. Awesome day!
  6. Nice one, very jealous. I narrowly missed out on the last spot with Horitomo. I enquired yesterday and they let me know he had time for one last small piece but in the few minutes it took me to sort out where I could pull a deposit from, someone else snapped it up.
  7. For anyone in the UK interested in the book, it went up on gentleman's tattoo flash at the weekend. Just received my copy today and it is awesome.
  8. My second tattoo from Frith St., from Valerie last week.
  9. Welcome, that's one hell of a list, can't wait to see some of that work, plus hearing what you've got planned for the future.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, here's an updated pic, finished it off yesterday. It was an absolute pleasure to be tattooed by Claudia, and Jolie Rouge is a great shop full of the most awesome people. Hope to return for some more work from her at some point in the future. Photo by claudiadesabe • Instagram
  11. @peterpoose Apologies to your brother, I interupted En while he was working on this piece. I was hoping to sort out getting a maneki neko from him while he was in London but unfortunately I couldn't make it work schedule-wise. Serves me right for not sorting it out sooner. I think it looks solid as a stand alone piece but, as others have suggested, you can't go wrong with some work from the Frith St. team.
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone, if you spot that kitsune sleeve at the London con tommorow don't hesitate to say hi.
  13. Thought it might be appropriate to break my lurker status by joining this thread. Here's my in-progress kitsune by Claudia De Sabe at Jolie Rouge, London. Didn't want to outright swipe the photo but here's a link to it on her facebook page Claudia De Sabe's Photos | Facebook
  14. Hi guys, I'll keep this short, I'm from London, been lurking for a while and love the content and discussions so thought it was about time I joined this great community. I've been tattooed by - TNG - Crank Tattoo, Nagasaki, Japan (now at Central Tattoo Parlour, Kumamoto) Stefano C - Frith St, London, England Claudia De Sabe - Jolie Rouge, London and on Valerie Vargas' waiting list for my next one. See you at the London Convention this weekend. Thanks
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