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  1. Well all i can say is weather you agreed with Huck as a business man or not he was a huge part of the tattoo world and for that we all can agree. Some hated him because he was the biggest tattoo supplier name for years and years with advertisement in almost every magazine selling starter kits and what seems to have become the blue print to shops and stores that are now selling supplies with no inhibitions. Others knew him as the ex-business partner of the late Paul Rogers and also have an opinion of him from those stories, but many of us were in the Spaulding starter kit generation and the book A-Z was a large part of our beginning into the tattoo world. so it seems that no matter what side you were on in the world where Huck Spaulding was we have indeed lost a huge part of an older tattoo world and with that said, R.I.P. Huck.

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