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  1. Sorry guys I have been away for a week. I understand what you are all saying this was my intent to take the idea and get it improved thats all.
  2. The attached but took me 2s it was just giving you an idea, I live the NT 3hrs from Darwin. - - - Updated - - - It was a long shot I was just hoping some was going to go hey I know that one and blah or the web site is blah
  3. I live in AUS sadly
  4. Please excuse those links they went pretty retarted. - - - Updated - - - Unless I went back to Japan I dont think any one could capture the image perfectly
  5. Good Afternoon All, Here is my suituation.. I found a tattoo that I loved and I want to get, I gave it my usual 6mn cooling off peroid to see if I truly want that tat for ever and when I went to buy the design I could not locate the website.......... And stupid me did not save the website in my Favs. I have gone throw all my histroy and nothing. The only thing I can remember about the website is; Large list of category's A-Z on the left hand side. Back ground was a yellow/brown/gold colour. Pretty sure it had green in the heading. You had to pay for the tattoos When you selected a pic
  6. HAHA Fair fair like I said its just my opinion which is like an arse hole.. Every one has one HAHAH
  7. No I would not purly because how does he know how it all feels ? If your tattoo artist was rough and went deep and that how most of your were done I would assume you would tattoo like that ?
  8. Yeah :D I just like the clean look and when you throw your arms up for a stretch people go "O hey you have a tat man that looks bad add" etc etc :D Having it out all the time kinda spoils it IMO
  9. Thats is freaking sweet mate !! - - - Updated - - - Throw up some more photos
  10. Fake or not its crazy that you can get ripped off like that - - - Updated - - - Fake or not its crazy that you can get ripped off like that
  11. IMO sleeves should end at the T-shift sleeve length but thats just me.
  12. JapSun


    There is a bird in my home town who runs out of her house... O and boy is she BAD ! A lot of her tats and designs are that bad it make me never want to get a tat
  13. LOL do you think she would go off in the sack ?
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