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  1. In what could be considered small (town) man syndrome I will post my largest tattoo directly after my close neighbour to the north (@bongsau) most recent entry. Done by Ryan Gagne, Classic Tattoo, Red Deer, AB
  2. Hey everyone, haven't posted much lately but finally have a reason to. Despite the new baby, found some time for a new tattoo. Artist Ryan Gagne, Classic Tattoo, Red Deer, AB. Thanks for checking it out.
  3. I found it funny when we had two shops open up on main street two months ago. We now have two shops in our town of 6000 people and not one piece of flash between the two. Sad.
  4. Hate to be the guy, but the silence should be deafening.
  5. Got this out of the Revisited flash book, done by Lee Brooker, Classic Tattoo, Red Deer, Alberta
  6. Yes like @Johannes said watch the interviews. All of them. Twice. At least.
  7. - - - Updated - - - @Rilla What were your experiences with your first tattoo? What age? if you don't mind me asking :) Not at all, grew up in Red Deer, was your age, but it was 1997 and as a rule shops are a little friendlier now than they were even 15 years ago (can't imagine 30). I was a skinny, scared shitless teenager so they figured it was a good time for an "artist" to do their first tattoo. Luckily it's on my shoulder blade and doesn't get seen too often. The patch can be a great place to work and make money, but it's not always for everybody, I've seen a lot of peoples
  8. @vPooch, you did something smart by coming on here and asking for opinions, you'll be even smarter to take the advice. This site would've helped me when I was 17. Also you'll have plenty of cash if you can stick it out in the patch for a few years.
  9. That was definitely not a specific comment, it was a generalization. Great tattoo.
  10. Not trying to be a dick but the quality of a photo goes a long way.
  11. Does anyone else here follow the CF Football programming? I built a gym in the garage last year and love the convenience and don't miss the commercial gym bullshit. Any way I enjoy the programming because there seems to be a good mix of strength/power/speed stuff happening.
  12. Had an appointment cancelled today, so that sucked.
  13. 1.)Best LST Thread: Latest Tattoo Lowdown.. crazy amount of quality 6.)How'd you find LST: Research for new tattoo, it's led me down a whole new exciting path 7.)Favorite part of the site: The forums weed out the bs pretty damn quickly, and the interviews have been great 10.)Sum up the year in one word: educational
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