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  1. I looked up new Mexico licenses yesteryear day I found out he was under a guest license and his license expired a year ago so I could of risked getting hepatitis I hope he doesn't that poor bastard will be in for a bumpy ride
  2. As awesome as it could have for someone who has an expired guest license that hasn't been renewed in a year and he also taught himself so that's really comforting
  3. Thank you, glad to be here!
  4. Here's my koi , i got done back at the end of march. Too bad the experience wasn't as good as the tattoo
  5. About 8months ago I went livit ink tattoo in Rio Rancho NM, the dude totally tried to use the art of seduction by Robert Greene and a tattoo gun to get me to sleep with him. Was an ass to my husband and wouldn't let him sit next to me. Told me my tattoo was original art and then found it three months later on the web. This creep is now under Morning Star Tattoo o in Rio Rancho NM. Right in the same building as turtle mountain brewery. He had to move cause he wasn't paying his bills.do not go here for your next tattoo you will regret it
  6. Hello everyone I'm new hear , I'm not an artist I'm definately a fan of ink
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