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  1. This re-wrapping technique seems to defy the laws of healing but I suppose if it's working for people then go for it! I dont like to wrap my tattoo at all and simply come straight home with an uncovered tattoo. I then gently wash it with warm water and an unscented soap. After that I get some cold water and give the tattoo a quick blast of that to close the pores. (Old Yakuza Trick). I then Leave it to air dry and apply a cream After Inked is the one I use currently. Its important to make sure you don't overdo the cream! I will then wash with the soap and apply the cream/anointment once mayb
  2. Damn that must have been a rough night indeed! I would say from looking at them that a good artist could cover them up with no issues. They are pretty large though and so you would prob have to look toward the sleeve option to get the full coverage you need
  3. Whats going on with that sleeve above??.. I understand covering up your Tazmanian devil holding the Scotland flag you had done when you were 16. Getting a full Japanese sleeve done and then deciding to black it all out does seem a little strange though?!
  4. I am pretty surprised by the times stated to complete a full back piece but as mentioned earlier if you plan to do butt and upper thighs also then this easily doubles the time. I am having a traditional Japanese piece done from neck to knees which will take around 100 hours to complete. I am unsure how some people are having full back pieces done in 25 that's pretty speedy. As for the pain its like any old tattoo there are places that make you wince and others that are no problem. I do 4-5 hour sittings at a time as I get twitchy at around 5 hours not sure why possible running out of endorph
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