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    I am 19 almost Love tattoos got my first one on May 11 getting another very soon.
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    High Point NC

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  1. Are tattoos behind the ear girly or do guys get them to I have seen SOME but not a lot. I was thinking of getting the dragonfly looking thing from Breakind Bad behind my ear cause I want a small one and I want to put it somewhere I can hide it. I have kinda of short hair but I could hide it with a a hat.
  2. Yeah it would be dude I would get it on my calf or somthing I want it to be seen lol.
  3. I was thinking of gett walt and jessie in the suit and have some money around and some blue meth back with there name above them in the breaking bad sign.
  4. I know that some people get them to remember them or cause they really like them. Is it a good idea to get a tattoo of a show/movie that you really like or really appreciate? I am thinking of getting a breaking bad tattoo because I really like it and its a show I can watch over and over its my favorite show. And for some of you that know me I am still gonna try to get the phoenix on my leg to finish it up by danny reed but need money for that or and gotta have time.
  5. Probably wont be able to get it done as soon as I wanted money problems right now.
  6. Thanks dude I am hoping to get it done before the end of july so I will defiantly keep you guys posted.
  7. So I have decided I am going to get my next piece done by Danny Reed (hopefully) I will be going up to asheville soon but idk when hopefully I can get a tat done by him.
  8. Yeah I and I have been looking up other and I can't find any other I really like. I am not gonna get the same thing I am gonna give this to whoever artist I choose and say do with it what you like.
  9. Sorry I found it on google. It is Jamie Parker from MD Tattoo Studio Northridge CA - - - Updated - - - I have been looking at him my friend went there and got a whole chest piece and told me I should check him out.
  10. I am really liking this one a lot dude nice
  11. Okay back to the the tats. I think I have found a awesome reference pic. I will not get the same exact one but I am gonna give this pic to an artist and see what he/she can come up with.
  12. I will thanks man. And who doesnt have a smartphone nowadays just sayin.
  13. True. And that is also why I am here to ask the best and get more info and discuss with everyone you know?
  14. I know they are terrible but I still like them I guess. - - - Updated - - - Yes I will. And I know I just like watching them for entertainment
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