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  1. That's great. Thanks for the advice, it's very helpful. I guess I should be thankful I chose lighter colors. I'm a little confused however...if I'm in luck and Black and red are removed the fastest. Wouldn't that mean I would need more laser sessions to remove the yellow and blue. If need be?
  2. @mikePanic Thanks, helpful info regarding removal sessions. It did start as a few simple tattoos that I tought I’d tie together. Originally, I planned to have blue shading done in between the spaces and around everything, similar to what’s up on the top of my arm. Kinda of a space theme. I just think my arms is too hot (colorful) and I'm not the person I was when I got the spirals done. I’m on good terms with the artist, I’m just not really thinking I want to finish it the way I planned. I’ve been thinking of changing it to this. Keeping the space theme but going more realistic. Down my arm w
  3. Greetings. Here is my unfinished arm; that I’ve just started loosing interest in. Some days I want to finish it, other days I can’t stand it and want to laser it and start new. I’m at a lost and thought I’d just ask others for some advice/opinions. Thanks.
  4. Hello to all. I've been reading this site for a while and thought I'd finally join. A little about myself, I grew up in the midwest and moved to LA after graduating college. Played in a couple bands, but LA just didn't fit right at the time so I moved to San Francisco. Some of the best times of my life. Miss that city dearly. Now I'm currently back in the midwest weighting options of what to do next.
  5. I second, or third, or whatever the inside upper arm, near the arm pit. I did the right inside upper arm and then the left the very next day and it killed me. Got thru it though and now every where else is a breeze.
  6. It’s incredible what a few laser treatments will do. Definitely pays off.
  7. If you do hike. I hiked/walked around Lands End with my nephew a few years ago and he had a great time. If you’re a little adventurous, there’s a path that most people don’t know about that takes you down to a circle maze along the coast. My nephew thought he was being a Goonie! Good times.
  8. ksp2001


    Love Dexter. I've been watching since the beginning, it's the only show I make sure I don't miss an episode. I've got high hopes for season 7 and two episodes in I've got a good feeling. IMO, nothing has yet compared to Season 1 and 2. Doakes was classic.
  9. Thanks for taking the photos for comparison. I was on the fence about laser removal and the dedication to multiple sessions over months, but I truly is a world of difference. And looks to be well worth the patience.
  10. I work at a golf course country club, and I would give just about anything to roll up my sleeves on a hot summer day. But with a sleeve on my right arm, golfers would go crazy! And my arms stay white, because they're covered, while my legs and face tan. It's a little embarrassing. Some days I wish I didn't move on to my forearm.
  11. Thanks for the link. I've been thinking about ultra realism tattoos a lot lately. Very insightful.
  12. Sure I look at an artist’s portfolio, but it’s not until I actually meet them, that I become committed to getting tattooed by them. It’s that first impression that matters to me, and it would be a red flag if they didn’t have tattoos. Everyone tattoo artist I’ve worked with has had more tattoos then me, and I respect that.
  13. Very interesting reading this thread. I got my first tattoo when I was 19. It wasn't until I moved to LA after college that I really started to get into tattooing. I got some more when I was 23, but it wasn't until I was 26 when I got visible tattoos on my forearms and began my sleeves.
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