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    ksp2001 got a reaction from Shannon Shirley in Tattooers with little to no tattoos   
    Sure I look at an artist’s portfolio, but it’s not until I actually meet them, that I become committed to getting tattooed by them. It’s that first impression that matters to me, and it would be a red flag if they didn’t have tattoos.
    Everyone tattoo artist I’ve worked with has had more tattoos then me, and I respect that.
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    ksp2001 got a reaction from Joe Stratford in Most painful spot to get tattooed   
    I second, or third, or whatever the inside upper arm, near the arm pit. I did the right inside upper arm and then the left the very next day and it killed me. Got thru it though and now every where else is a breeze.
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    ksp2001 got a reaction from YOMONEY in Laser Away Opinions/Advice on my tattoo   
    @mikePanic Thanks, helpful info regarding removal sessions. It did start as a few simple tattoos that I tought I’d tie together. Originally, I planned to have blue shading done in between the spaces and around everything, similar to what’s up on the top of my arm. Kinda of a space theme. I just think my arms is too hot (colorful) and I'm not the person I was when I got the spirals done.
    I’m on good terms with the artist, I’m just not really thinking I want to finish it the way I planned. I’ve been thinking of changing it to this. Keeping the space theme but going more realistic. Down my arm would go another cat and some abstract space. I think I'd only need to do a few laser sessions to remove some colors and a cleaner working area.
    @jayessebee it's funny you mention a panther because I would like to add some big cats onto the arm.
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    ksp2001 got a reaction from slayer9019 in Dexter   
    Love Dexter. I've been watching since the beginning, it's the only show I make sure I don't miss an episode. I've got high hopes for season 7 and two episodes in I've got a good feeling. IMO, nothing has yet compared to Season 1 and 2. Doakes was classic.
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    ksp2001 reacted to Dan S in Tell me what you think please :)   
    An animal portrait by Den Yakovlev

    - - - Updated - - -
    And a human picture...

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