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  1. people trying to bargain. I always charge a fair price for a good solid piece of work. ANd the people I have always found trying to bargain are wearing $150 sneakers and name brand everything, but want to save $20 on a lifetime investment
  2. how many pages per book? I have a good number of his sheets but don't know if I have them all
  3. arggh - - - Updated - - - I have walked into shops and seen my work taken from magazines in other peoples books. They did not know who I was when I asked about the image. the nerve of some people.
  4. are they printed on glossy paper or is that just the photo?
  5. Rib cage is a big deal - and especially for a first. As a long time tattoo artist, I would most likely say no. I have done many rib pieces, and I can say besides a few other spots - top of the foot, underarm, elbow - the ribs hurt. I have a pair of portraits that were done in a 9 hour session - split for dinner, by Bernie Luther in 89 or 90. I have my back done and have sat 9 hours in one session on that - but nothing felt like the ribs, however to play devils advocate - you must get what you want where you want. It just may not be the best place to start imo.
  6. wow that is totally fucking lame. Sorry to hear this guy ripped you off.
  7. Cary Brief

    Hi all

    My name is Cary Brief, I started tattooing around 1986. Started building machines in 1988. I worked at Bob Oslon's in Chicago for a spell, (thanks Bob RIP), I tattooed in Austria in the late 80's . Opened my first shop about 1991 (Revolutionary tattoo). Eventually opening three others, Powerhouse Tattoo Montclair NJ, Ink-credible Tattoo (montclair NJ - Now Jinx Proof) and Studio Tattoo Morristown NJ . Two of those shops are still running strong (In Montclair NJ). IN 1993 and 1994 I hosted the Ink-credible Tattoo Convention. Hr Giger was our special guest. We had a great time and all but two years of busting our hump for the shows was enough. I tattooed full time in my shops until the mid 1990's when my back went out and required a number or surgeries. Now I tattoo occasionally but build machines full time. I started Rings and Things, INc Body Jewelry in 1993 and we ran a Full CNC shop, also making machine frames and parts until we sold in 2004. I will have a new line of machines out this spring. While I haven't been able to tattoo full time due to my back issues I took to painting and printmaking more - and have really enjoyed these other areas of art making, although tattooing always was, is and will be my first love. I am amazed and at times dismayed at the road tattooing has taken - Tattooing has been down bumpy roads before and will survive.
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