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  1. Do you have before and after treatent photos? I am having a very large black and color piece removed from my back, I am on session #7 and am not near complete removal, or even enough to cover up. The pain is very bad as they turn up the laser, I am looking to buy the Emla cream, did you have to get a prescription for yours? - - - Updated - - - What are you having removed, are you going for a cover up or attempt at full removal? - - - Updated - - - I have used the Dr. Ho on mine after removal, I believe the reason it may help is because it bring blood flow to the area which will help remove the ink...I suppose...I'm no expert. Massage of any type should do the same. After this treatment heals, I am going to try acupuncture on the area, my husband can do it for me.
  2. If anyone is interested here is my laser progress Documenting my Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Tri Vantage - Toronto, ON - Tattoo Removal review - RealSelf
  3. sounds cool, if interested check out my tattoo and removal: Documenting my Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Tri Vantage - Toronto, ON - Tattoo Removal review - RealSelf
  4. thatgirl


    Your tattoo is beautiful
  5. Thank you for the link, I love Thai tattoos, and the whole culture, I want to go on a trip there one day, it's on my list of things to do!
  6. I left my tattoo cover up open to the "artist" and he messed my tattoo up very bad, check out my laser progress here: Documenting my Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Tri Vantage - Toronto, ON - Tattoo Removal review - RealSelf Now, I did my homework, he worked at Perfect Image in Collingwood, this is a tattoo shop that promises nothing but exceptional art from all their artists, they have it slathered on their walls, well somehow I got, well click the link and you will see. I really just wanted a pretty tattoo that complimented my awesome back, I was going to add to it and eventually turn it into a back piece...well now I am enjoying the rath of the laser for another year or so...I ask myself all the time, how did I go wrong, he was supposed to be an amazing artist, he promised me the best work, you should have heard him and the owner sell their trust and commitment to me, "We can cover that, no problem, you will have an amazing piece of art and on and on... I felt so proud of myself for finding an awesome shop and artist to finally give me my dream tattoo...well it's a dream alright, wish I only could see it there rather than everyday of my life...what a mess! Once I get enough of his ugly ink off my back, I plan another cover up, I am already working with artists, I already put a deposit down at a shop in Toronto because I went there for my foot tattoo (which is awesome I LOVE IT!) and I really like the artist, the shop, they have over a year waiting list, Chronic Ink Tattoo.
  7. This is a great piece of work, I was speechless when I saw it, beautiful!
  8. cool! Your fading is coming you know what you want to cover it with?
  9. Hi there, I am also going through laser removal on my back, large ugly tattoo! It actually was a cover up that had gone a mess.
  10. What is your progress with your back? I am also getting laser on my back, my treatments take 20-30 min.
  11. I'm from Victoria as well! I hope to move back there. Wrist tattoo hey, I love those! Well you are doing the right thing before jumping into a tattoo. They are a commitment and you must pick the one that will be right for you for the rest of your life. I jumped into a back piece and was influenced by the artist too much, I didn't stick to my gut, and now I am in a big mess. I thought I was smarter than that, but I looked at him as the professional and he knew what was needed to cover my little tattoo...but he messed up! Don't rush in, take your time, and pick the right person. Best of luck!
  12. I love this photo, it's brilliant! - - - Updated - - - I adore this! The detail is amazing!!!!
  13. Thank you! I love Toronto, it's my new stomping grounds ever 4-6 weeks, I get my laser treatments there.
  14. Hello! I hear the East Coast is wonderful, I just moved to Ontario from the West Coast, I miss if very much! What brings you to this site?
  15. wow, that's an amazing piece of work! I can imagine the pain must have been intense!