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  1. My back. Finished with Chris O'Donnell. Couldn't be more stoked on it.
  2. My back, in-progress with Chris O'Donnell. Couple of sittings ago. So stoked on it.
  3. Stoked on Valerie being featured this time around. Can't wait to get tattooed by her again. Fingers crossed for any of the Blackheart dudes.
  4. Getting my stomach tattooed by him at the end of November. Flight is booked/I am excited.
  5. Valerie Vargas Tim Hendricks Chris Trevino Eddy Deutsche Seth Wood Bert Krak Steve Boltz Eli Quinters Brian Bruno Timothy Hoyer Nick Colella Steve Byrne Tim Lehi Scott Sylvia Mario Desa Mike Wilson Chad Koeplinger Chris Conn (dreaming) Jeff Rassier Sarah Schor Juan Puente Mike The Athens Pretty sure this list doesn't end... Some of these will happen, some of them won't... I am just grateful for every chance I have to get tattooed.
  6. So far: Thomas Hooper Jondix Daniel Santoro Tony Hundahl Hillary Fisher White Starting my back with Chris O'Donnell next month, and hoping to get things done by everyone at Smith St over the next year or so. All of these lists are crazy!
  7. Has anyone read Narcisa or the other book he released through Heartworm? Narcisa was a pretty crazy read.
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