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  1. @polliwog LOL once you get the tattooer excited it's on!! My next session with Junii is Aug 26th. Stoked! I also plan to be down for the convention again this year. (hmm i should see if that thread's been started...;p)
  2. I actually re read the thread after I posted earlier and saw that but then decided against compulsively re-editing everything - my bad for not reading everything first! Exciting re the birds - good luck with the skin healing! I know what it's like to fight those compulsions. Where on the back are you thinking? Your tattoos are coming along really nicely!!
  3. @HettyKet, who did that incredibly rad stomach tattoo! Love it!!! @polliwog from my experience, every spot that was a bad spot suddenly disappeared once i tattooed over it. It's really strange because i definitely did not start getting tattooed with the idea that I would take control over my body image or whatever. I definitely had this horrible feeling like what the hell was i doing to myself, why wasn't i more mature, how dare I mess up what little beauty has been given to me, blah blah blah - i mean I went through every part of self-recrimination there was (those thoughts are only a little part of it!). In any event, what happened was that though I was terribly nervous about finally getting tattooed, and thought every person in the world would judge me as an uggo trying to be pretty (i do NOT think like this now but I'm just saying I had a really fucked up point of view over a decade ago!!!) (my parents were super judgmental of other people which is why I thought everyone thought that way!! also told my sister and i to lose weight constantly - seriously, if you're parents please be kind to your daughters when they are 10 and under (and over)) - once I started getting tattooed regularly all of that stuff just fell away. (tattoo = jedi mind trick?) (also we are talking about a time period that spans two decades soooo) TL;DR - there are no bad spots once you get them tattooed.
  4. @soraya I'd love to see!! Agreed w @Graeme, it's not really nudity if it's tattooed.
  5. @Matej Haviar my mind is blown. it looks SO good. can't wait to see how it progresses. I'm super into lightning these days and this is poppin!
  6. Hi All! I really like the look of well-executed munewari. I have only seen it on men and a few smaller breasted women. As a larger breasted woman I am interested to see how munewari reads on...big boobs. So. To that end, does anyone have pictures to share? (lol good thing i've been here before because that ALMOST sounds creepy). Anyway, pictures of women, preferably with larger breasts, with munewari to the nipple. (definitely sounds creepy. but i'm doing it for the tattoos guys!) Thaaaankkks! beez (ps SF peeps, think i'll be down in the last half of august for tattoo!)
  7. @Musashi DO IT! I know I'm late to the party but trust me, you'll love yourself (fatty or no!) more with an awesome tattoo on you. Also subconsciously you just told yourself that you and your body are worth an aesthetic treat, which goes a long way for long lasting self esteem, in my humble and personal experience. I disagree with the poster who said not to tattoo the tummy because it could change. Your whole body will change over your whole life. Don't wait. Live for now. DO IT!
  8. No upcoming tattoo plans at the moment, but I'll post up when I know when my next session is. Mainly just writing in to say: miss you guys. I don't have as much time for fun on the internet as I used to. In any event <blows kisses>.
  9. Hey all - Finally getting myself together for a cross country trip to New York City! I'll be there the 2nd week of April. Any tattoo-related tips for me? I will (probably) not be getting tattooed, and I'm staying in Brooklyn near some friends, but I haven't been to NY in over a decade and don't even know where to begin!! I'd love to get a sense of some tattoo history while I'm there. I welcome any and all suggestions!! Thanks guys! -beez
  10. There's a chance he's being serious but LOL bc I think he's trolling us. Seriously - LOL.
  11. @Lance i am super into food so if food is happening NOM NOM. Shad session happened - we are extending the snake down my right leg. got outline from ribs to knee done and background shading of clouds! i'll post a pic when it's more complete...but you will likely get to see this weekend if we run into each other! I will be at the convention around 2p on Fri checking in at the Diamond Club booth.
  12. beez


    @ChuckJ do you have a degree in marketing somewhere in your background? because that's all this seems to be...your answers are well thought out, contrived, and designed to get eyes into different sections of the site you represent. If you don't have a background in marketing, well...cheers, you're doing a great job at it. I think your product misses the point by miles and miles and miles and miles - but that's just me as a collector and someone who also appreciates the art form. I guess - congrats on doing what you love and trying to preserve it for future generations, but this is not part of the tattooing and tattoo preservation (i.e. IN A JAR) that I want to be a part of. It's straight marketing! For money! I went shopping with my sister and she grabbed a pair of pants and said "What's vegan leather?" "MARKETING", I responded. This has the same feel to me. Anyway - I'm sure I'll get a positive response pointing me to the community on the site and ending with "Cheers!", but my there's my .02, not that anyone asked!! - - - Updated - - - Way cooler and infinitely more authentic. http://lifeand6months.com/2012/11/01/the-tattoo-collectors-film-fiction/ The Medical Pathology Museum of Tokyo University
  13. Those peonies, in particular, are NUTS. That is an absolutely mind blowing suit.
  14. Equally stoked for you!! Very glad to see how well the move and shop came together. Congrats and keep up the damn good work! Looking forward to showing off Shad + mystery-to-me-cuz-i-haven't-decided-yet H'ween piece, that's for sure :)))
  15. I also have not been here much recently, but decided to cruise on by and say hiiiii guys! I'm super busy and kicking ass at my new gig and stoked to be doing something I enjoy that fits my lifestyle so well. Stoked to be getting tattooed by Shad in two weeks and then who knows what else is going to get done in October! I'll be back in SF for Halloween and Convention fun. :))) Miss you, LST, and think of you often. (I'm on my work computer all the time now and *alarmingly* focused, so I never think to make it over here because who wants to be on another computer AFTER work? but truly.)
  16. @Hands On I'll be there! I booked my ticket on Monday night and woke up with a text from Shad...and booked another ticket for a same-day roundtrip in and out of SF for mid-October...It's gonna be an expensive month!! But such a good one! Looking forward to seeing all my Bay Area buddies and LST friends old and new!
  17. beez

    dragon and creepy hand

    Saw this in person and love it so so so much. Must get tattooed by Greg Whitehead. NOW. The grey wash on the clouds is...like butter. Perfect and creamy.
  18. Hellloooo everybody!! It's that time of year again...where we all start oohing and aahing over the lineup for the Bay Area convention and some of us start talkin' travel. @sophistre and I met up yesterday and decided that it would probably be fun as hell to go, so the PNW will be representing for sure. Who else is in? Any plans? I'm just hoping to get the conversation going!!
  19. I DEFINITELY notice this. Especially if I'm riding my bike in a tank top or something. It BURNS! I freak out!! - - - Updated - - - We will figure something out! Either when I leave the city or you decide to come this way! I'm on cap hill. Would be nice to get out of the city! Prob not this weekend tho..Sea-fair, Blue Angels...ahh Seattle.
  20. Are you in Seattle? LST hang out?!
  21. Hilariously, after I wrote that I went to Whole Foods in OKC and saw tattoos EVERYWHERE! And then I went to a party with my cousin and someone with no tattoos saw me and then came up and shyly asked me if I'd ever heard of the book Modern Primitives!!!!!! So I ended up having a much better experience. FWIW - all the dirty looks came from seniors. And about that - the boarding area in Seattle looked like it should be going to Palm Springs - is OKC the new playground destination for old folks? Lol, I'm joking but it was very noticeable that the average age on the plane was 72.
  22. I'm home in Oklahoma for a few days and I got on the plane in Seattle with my tattoos showing, feeling like a badass...and the looks from everybody as I got on board...the looks in the airport...I mean...I covered up IMMEDIATELY. I am not ashamed of my tattoos - they are bad ass. I do NOT like being the center of attention and I do NOT want to feel random strangers disapproval and judgment...normally that kind of stuff would roll off my back...but there were so many and it was so thick that I swear I shrank a few inches just trying to compact myself into something unnoticeable. So I feel kinda bummed out right now guys. But that will pass. But I forget what it's like to not be on a coast/in a coastal city. Different!
  23. love your stuff @49351! been following you since tumblr. I cannot wait to be tattooed by you one day! Lemme know if you're ever on the west coast of the usa.
  24. Eagle eagle eagle eagle eagle
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