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    Liorcifer's private tattoo studio in NYC.
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  1. To all my fellow artists, fans and friends, It has been way too long since I hit the road around the northeastern coast (MA, VT, NH, MN, DC, VA, MD, PA + OH). Now that winter is almost gone, we are thinking of taking a trip every month, or two. Where to? That's really up to your responses, but anywhere within a reasonable driving distance (up to 9-10 hours) seems good. All it takes is a few of you that are serious, and want work done, for us to visit your city or town. For anyone interested, just email us at: info@liorcifer.com Hope to see you all soon... in your own corner of Hell. - Liorcifer Infernum Tattoos Infernum Tattoos - Official shop of Liorcifer and Mr. Beans
  2. Infernum NYC is looking for a permanent artist who is local, has style, and knows his or her stuff (no rockstars, please). We also have an extra station for travelling artists, so if you are passing through the area, get in touch. We are a private studio (no walk-ins), run by artist Liorcifer, and centered in the East Village off St Marks in Manhattan. If this sounds like your kind of studio, send a copy of your portfolio to: info@liorcifer.com, or give us a call 212-477-7087 for specifics or questions.
  3. I'm kind of new here too, so I'm not too sure how it used to be in the past. But I have been tattooing for over 18 years, and find this site to be very interesting and educational on many levels. As some said already, I try and only post things that might be of interest to other people, and constructive. Every social media or forum will always have lurkers, however this site is definitely much more serious then others, and as I recommend this to other artists too, we can only hope it will remain professional and constructive, at least the majority of it. things such as the artists interviews will definitely keep this place a more artist friendly site, I can't see too many people enjoy those kind of things, or discussions much, unless they are truly a part of the family, or fellow artists. Either way, at least in my opinion, if we can keep ignoring useless posts, and stick to what's more important, constructive, educational, or just plain ol' good tattoo or shop talk...etc. then I believe the other will die out on it's own with time...after all, they have much better forums as such to go to, if that's what they are looking for.
  4. Kari Barba! way ahead of her time, and still kicks ass!!! much respect! Outer Limits just celebrated their 30 anniversary last week.
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