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  1. I have been obsessing over Citipati skulls lately. Somehow they seem impossible to find when using that search word. I came to think of them when I saw the last two episodes of "On the shoulders of giants" and noticed that Dante Di Massa has a rad couple on his neck. That Rubendall is killer and I know Koeplinger has done some of them.
  2. I hope there wasn´t anyone waiting to kill it this month...
  3. Thats awsome, @jvince1230! Congratulations on your shirt and beautiful tattoo. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. This is my frontpiece by Marius Meyer. We finished it about a year ago. Two sessions and a total of seven hours if I remember correctly.
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    Marius Meyer
  6. Awsome! Thank you so much. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. by Marius Meyer
  8. I love this contest. Have been to busy looking at amazing stuff, but now i figured it´s time to show something off. This is my backpiece by my favourite Norwegian tattooer, Marius Meyer.
  9. Next week is looking good. Getting a Fudo filler from Glenn Flesjaa on tuesday, and coloring my wolf chest by Marius Meyer on friday.
  10. I would say both parents and administrators are more than ok with visible tattoos. I´ve got full sleeves and wear tattoo or band shirts for work every day. No prob. I guess hands could make a difference while applying for jobs, but I like to think that there´s lots of schools here who would appreciate teachers for their job, not judging tattoos.
  11. So many great ideas! I`m a 6th grade teacher in Norway and is seriously considering getting my hands done. It`s really tempting when Marius Meyer is in our neighbourhood. Did you guys se the Fudo and dragon he posted yesterday? Insane! Instagram
  12. I love this never ending flow of awsome work. Best of 2013 sounds like a good idea!
  13. Hi! Im Geggi from the west coast of Norway. I have been spying on this forum for a while, mostly looking at the contest page and drooling over all the amazing tattoos everybody is getting. Been collecting some stuff from Marius Meyer and other Oslo based tattooers, so hopefully I`ll get the fingers out my ass and start posting stuff myself. Pleasure hanging out! Thnx to @Willhell and @Iwar for recommending this forum.
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    Keep coming back for this.