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    Although my love for tattoos has been with me since my teens, I only started tattooing 10 months ago. Mainly concentrating on the dotwork technique, Ive come a long way & am on my way to defining my own style. I am completely self taught & am always looking for advise & guidance to improve my technique & make better & more beautiful tattoos. I am looking to get involved in a shop environment ASAP & hope someday to become a full-time artist.
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    Brighton, UK
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    Tattoos, Music, Life.
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  1. Hey. Im good thanx. How things your end? Im not in a shop yet. Im totally self taught & only been tattooing less than a year. Im hoping to get some time in a shop ASAP & pick up a few tricks.. I checked out your work. Great stuff. g.
  2. I tattooed my foot a while back. The top was OK & the ink went in so beautiful & looks amazing now. But the sides of the feet really hurt. I almost didnt finish it, but I stuck it out & wrapped it up.
  3. Hey guys. I am a new tattooist based in Brighton UK. Although Ive been interested in tattoos for a long time now, I only started tattooing 10 months ago, & have come quite a long way in that short time. I am looking to develop my dotwork approach & define my own style. I am intrigued, fascinated & excited about all things tattoo related & studied the art form before I ever picked up a machine. I am looking forward to being a part of this forum, sharing work, ideas & experiences & hope that I can bring something to the table, & help inspire people the way many tattooists & Last Sparrow Tattoo has inspired me. I look forward to meeting you guys & hope that you enjoy my work. Cheers, g.
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    Black & Grey Dotwork. Valentina.
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    Black & Grey Dotwork. Self Tattoo.
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    Black & Grey Dotwork. Self Tattoo.
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    Black & Grey Dotwork. Self Tattoo.
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    Black & Grey Dotwork. Self Tattoo.
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    Buddha Girl

    Black & Grey Dotwork. Self Tattoo.
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