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  1. Any good artists to look out for this year besides the great lakes guys? Last year Pete Giaquinto, Ronnie Dell'aquilla and Richie Montgomery were there, but it doesn't look like they're coming back, which is a shame cause I could use a tattoo from all 3 of them, ha!
  2. Dracula and Sonny are Philly legends. I've heard so many stories about the both of them. It would be great to see the other pictures you took from that day.
  3. Agreed. He was playing Blind Willie McTell when I got tattooed by him. Shaved me with a straight razor too, only time that's ever happened when I got tattooed. Pretty much everything about getting tattooed by Bob Roberts rules.
  4. Honestly, I only picked 1985 because the vintage tattoos instagram run by Terry Wrigley's son used 1985 as a cutoff for what was considered "vintage".
  5. I guess you could say I'm interested in old time tattoos done by old time tattooers. What old tattooer have you been tattooed by? Any that you would like to get tattooed by in the future? I've been tattooed by Bob Roberts, Bowery Stan, Tony Polito, Eric Inksmith and Sailor Eddie Jr. I'd love to add something by many different tattooers of the "old guard" but particularly Zeke Owen.
  6. I've never been tattooed by him, but everything I've ever seen from Martin looks top notch. He just recently (within the past two weeks) opened an instagram account. Regardless, I'd doubt you'd be disappointed with anything from him. Philly's a very underrated tattoo city.
  7. teddibease

    Hey guys

    If you have any interest in traditional work, Topper at Philadelphia Eddies and Sailor Eddie Jr. at Bonnie & Clydes are certainly worth a visit.
  8. Though I've never met him or gotten tattooed by him, I think Lance McLaine still tattoos in Hawaii. He's an old timer who worked with Rollo in the 70's.
  9. Frank does churn out great work and I was hoping to get something form him but, no dice. I can't complain however, I managed to get work from Mike Schweigert, Tony Polito, and Bowery Stan.
  10. I had an appointment with Tim Beck Sunday evening, however, he just let me know he won't be able to make it this year. I'm incredibly bummed to say the least. This also leaves me with some allotted tattoo money in my pocket. Any artists you guys would recommend I check out that will be at the convention Sunday who tattoo in a similar vein to Tim?
  11. I know Rollins' backpiece wass done by Rick Spellman, but I was always really curious as to where he got his other tattoos.
  12. To add a more relevant post, I often find myself listening to Ghostfunk (some weird and surprisingly well done mashup of Ghostface and old soul/funk songs) Mike Patton's Lovage project, if that counts, and the instrumentals from the ghostdog soundtrack.
  13. I bet that MC5/Detroit Wheels show was amazing.
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