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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Erica View Post The same week that we heard about the impending apocalypse and Noah and his ark, a maintenance guy saw me walking down the street after work in a tank top and the next day demanded to see my sweet tats. Less than an hour later the holy roller requested a viewing. The next day I was let go. Her reasoning was that we had to work together and she didnt think we were vibing well. Pft. That sounds to me like a big fat law suit waiting to happen! Which brings up an interesting question... are we (tattooed folks) protected legally against discrimination? I wonder... I am pretty sure we are....but it also depends where do you work and what policies they have in place. If you can prove that they let you go because your tattoos and you were in compliance with their dress code and tattoo policies(if any in place) should have a solid case....and may don't need to work anymore ...
  2. I think if the artist makes tattoo design of his own, original and cool should not be reproduced by copying from photos on internet and stuff... Another thing if artist makes a flash set and sells soon as it hits a market it becomes for grabs to everyone...and can be copied, reproduced, resold...and such. But it should always be associated with the original author...and bring him if not the money at least respect and recognition... Copying someones work and adding your name on it is the worst you can do...and should be not tolerated...
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  4. Those are some cool shit stories...! I was cracking up all the time....Keep them coming!