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  1. I've been on both sides of this fence; tattooed as a very large person and tattooed at what "society" deems an average weight. Over the last five years I dropped about 100lbs. Not because I cared what people thought, being visibly tattooed and covered in skulls got me used to being judged. I got bad news and a stern warning from the doc that my single handed quest to keep the local microbrew industry profitable would result in my early departure from this planet. I was 275 at 5'10; not a result of lifting weights or the like but from drive thrus and numerous beers. And I thouroghly enjoyed every minute of it. The media tells us what we should look like, especially for women. The pressure on young girls is sickening. Society sees us at face value only; very few go beyond the initial observation, but true friends and family will know the person not the packaging. Get tattooed no matter what size you are. Wear them proud and own it. Being comfortable with yourself and not caring how those who don't know you look at you is one of the most freeing feelings there is.
  2. I have 11 skulls, number 12 is being finished in two weeks. I can't really explain why, other than skulls make great tattoos that look like tattoos.
  3. I've been a customer there for about ten years. Solid work and really good people.
  4. Finally finished. Ever since my first "off the wall" flash tattoo in 1989, I have always dreamed of a full back tattoo. It was a year long experience that I'll never forget. I'm happy it's done and really happy I won't be in a constant state of healing anymore!
  5. Vinn


    Tim McCarthy Tsunami Tattoo
  6. Almost done. Just shading on the bottom and some work left on the sides. I've been at it for about 10 months, about 3 or so hours a month. It has been well worth the time, can't wait to be finished. By Tim McCarthy at Tsunami Tattoo.
  7. Vinn

    Skull and snake

    It was Scott's flash. It was hard to choose, so many and so good!
  8. Your prediction was absolutely correct. I left with a large, simply amazing tattoo from his own hand painted flash. What a great experience too, a truly class act shop and I had a great time. Planning a return trip.
  9. Almost fully healed now, leg skull/snake/flower by Scott Sylvia at Blackheart Tattoo.
  10. Vinn

    Skull and snake

    Leg by Scott Sylvia, Blackheart Tattoo
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