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    Vinn got a reaction from marley mission for a gallery image, Back   
    Tim McCarthy Tsunami Tattoo
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    Vinn got a reaction from MadeIndelible for a gallery image, Skull and snake   
    Leg by Scott Sylvia, Blackheart Tattoo
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    Vinn got a reaction from Rob I for a gallery image, Calf skull   
    By David Wach, Flaming Dragon Tacoma WA
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    Vinn reacted to slayer9019 for a gallery image, Snake skull dagger   
    Snake skull dagger
    by Regino Gonzales
    Invisible NYC
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    Vinn reacted to Dan S for a gallery image, Black Cat Firecrackers   
    Old, original artwork from a pack of Black Cat firecrackers, done by Nick Colella at chicago Tattoo.
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