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  1. We have Ross Nagle, Darren Brass and Greg Christian coming down to work Brighton for Love Hate.
  2. Shop opening party next Friday, I can see that being 'interesting' I'm gonna fly up and see Ross for a catch up.
  3. Good call, I just confirmed Johannes for the brighton convention next year, looking forward to meeting him :)
  4. Thats a wonderful poster and looks to be a great show, last time I went it was in an old Art Deco Theatre in the Pigalle from memory, amazing venue! :)
  5. So I see! Just a quick read has already shown my the quality of the forum! Will contribute as best I can :)
  6. Thanks Stewart, thats really good to read, I try! :)
  7. Glad you enjoyed the show, already working on next years, gonna be a hard one to top! :)
  8. Milan is great, super busy show though! If you want to make a weekend then stay on sight at The Quark where it's held, both airports are about 20 min drive, Miki puts the artists on FB as they confirm and the website will be live I guess Nov / Dec :)
  9. Hi All, I'm Woody, I run Brighton Tattoo Convention and help organize The London Convention since the first year with Miki V. Been meaning to check this Forum out for a little while so i'll stop waffling and go look around :) Regards W
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