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  1. Yes and yes. My right nipple is just below the bottom of the girl's shirt. Pic is zoomed in a little tight, I guess.
  2. So as I said, my rib piece turned into a chest tattoo. I'm 3 weeks out, and I'm pretty pleased overall. Sitting was 4 1/2 hours...relatively easy.
  3. So this is the lady head I had done about 3 weeks ago. I guess I would say it's semi-traditional/semi-realistic...based off the likeness of my wife. My first "real" tattoo in 15 years. Pretty pleased with it.
  4. Had my first real piece done on the chest last week. It extends from just above my nipple up to the collarbone. I expected the collarbone to be rough, but it was one of the easier sections. The killer was shading just above the nipple and along the side of the pec near the underarm.
  5. I'll take a bit of a contrarian opinion on the wife issue. I think you should discuss it openly and honestly with your wife, be completely upfront about all the details (size, subject, placement, etc.). In a healthy relationship, your wife shouldn't want to outright veto something that is really important to you, but at least should have the opportunity to air out her thoughts and concerns. If she simply vetoes it without being fair-minded, you probably have bigger issues than the tattoo and whether you get it or not, the issues will remain. From my standpoint, if my wife really had deep-seated issues with a tattoo (thought they were trashy, ugly, whatever), then getting a tattoo isn't worth jeopardizing a marriage. If your marriage is healthy but for this issue, then, again, it's a tattoo...not something worth wrecking a marriage over. Ok...I'll put my purse down.
  6. Shading near the nipple is going to be good times!
  7. So I'm less than 48 hrs. out, and I just talked to my tattoo artist and we swapped this to an upper chest/front shoulder piece. I didn't make the decision solely based on the pain factor (I think I'll be happier with it up there), but I'm breathing so much easier right now!
  8. Still booked for Jan. 21. Nearing 2 weeks out. I definitely want to see the art before I go in...what's the etiquette on this and how far in advance would be normal to be able to review and make edits?
  9. I love that you have a neck tat, but the ribs make you nervous! How did you psyche yourself up for the neck?
  10. Talked with the artist, and he says he has no hesitation in doing this on the ribs, but to let him know if I change my mind. Currently scheduled to do this in one session (5 hours) in mid-January. A little apprehensive about the long session, but it's out-of-town so I would like to not have multiple sittings.
  11. Thanks for the input. The only issue with thigh is I want it concealed at work, but I want it to be seen other times...like at the beach and at the pool. Unless I pull out my 80s basketball shorts, the thigh will be concealed 99% of the time.
  12. The artist isn't a hack...I think you may have "liked" his work in the last post of the Lady Heads thread. I hear what you're saying, though. I have a small tattoo on my hip that I got 15 years ago...this will be my first "real" tattoo. I won't really know how well I can sit, until I sit. That has me a little concerned. I'm not too psyched to change the location, but I want to do everything I can to make sure it's a great tattoo.
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