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  1. Can't believe I forgot to post this one! From Chris O'Donnell's LA trip a couple weeks ago. Left forearm. Blatantly stolen from Chris' Instagram ( codonnell_nyc )
  2. Was lucky enough to get some work from Chris Conn last night. 1st session, halo and color next time. Ill try to post a better pic later. By the way.... one of the nicest guys I've ever met.
  3. @hogg & @hollyjoybee Thanks! I'm really happy with it.
  4. Thanks! Tony, as always, did a great job.
  5. My elbow, all nice and swollen. :) Tony Nilsson Blue Arms Tattoo Oslo, Norway Photo ripped from Tony's Instagram
  6. I second that! Time to make a new appointment with Tony! I have an elbow that needs something.
  7. It's difficult to read. I tried to sharpen a frame grab but it didn't really help much.
  8. haha.. you've got those metal wheels in my head turning. I think I smell smoke. :) It's funny because it's kind of a civil war in my family. My dad's side, FSU fans. My mom's (minus her) UF fans. Oh the good times we have at family get togethers.
  9. Being a south Florida boy (now in the frozen north.... Norway). I've always wanted to get something to represent FLA. A classic gator is a great idea and something I've toyed with. My only problem... my family are FSU fans. :p
  10. Another cat and another ditch. :) Mikael Harrstedt guesting at Blue Arms Tattoo. The picture is right after Mikael was finished. So it's still a little bloody. I'll post a healed one in a few weeks.
  11. MJH IV

    Ditch Tiger

    This pic was right after Mikael was finished, still a little bloody. I'll post a healed version in a few weeks.
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