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  1. Why not a pink flamingo?

    haha.. you've got those metal wheels in my head turning. I think I smell smoke. :)

    Southern Alabama State Fans? You should just get a nice gator.

    As a UF graduate all I have to say is Go Gators!

    It's funny because it's kind of a civil war in my family. My dad's side, FSU fans. My mom's (minus her) UF fans.

    Oh the good times we have at family get togethers.

  2. But, I did book in with Heath Nock for June. (Holy shit that is a long ways away!) Getting a gator head with a Florida banner.

    Being a south Florida boy (now in the frozen north.... Norway). I've always wanted to get something to represent FLA.

    A classic gator is a great idea and something I've toyed with. My only problem... my family are FSU fans. :p

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